Sarah Paulson Proves She’s The Real Supreme On AHS

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Emmy winner Sarah Paulson has been an integral part of the American Horror Story family ever since she portrayed television psychic Billie Dean Howard on season 1's Murder House. The Glass actress has since played everything from a social media-obsessed ghost to a coulrophobe to the most powerful witch of a generation. (Cordelia Goode, we see you.) Now, Paulson will take on a completely different role on Ryan Murphy's FX anthology series: World, meet Sarah Paulson, director extraordinaire.
According to E! News, Paulson revealed that she would direct the sixth episode of season 8's Apocalypse during the 2018 Television Critics Association press tour. Now, thanks to photos acquired by The Blast, and social media posts from her American Horror Story co-stars, we know that Paulson is currently in production on that episode.
While The Blast revealed that Paulson would be directing Emma Roberts — who has returned to all her bitchy, witchy glory as her Coven character Madison Montgomery — she'll also be reuniting with former Murder House co-stars Dylan McDermott and Connie Britton.
"Harmon spin-off? Back in the #MurderHouse 7 years later...with the great @mssarahcatharinepaulson directing no less," Connie Britton, who will reprise her role as Vivian Harmon from Murder House, wrote on Instagram.
Leslie Grossman, who played a member of a clown-centric cult during American Horror Story's most recent season, also shared a slideshow of Paulson being a behind-the-scenes boss.
"You know how this person is v v good at acting? Now add directing to the list," Grossman wrote on the social media platform.
Of course, just because she’s stepping behind the camera, doesn’t mean Paulson won’t appear in the new Murder House/Coven crossover, which is set to debut on FX September 12. In fact, according to her IMDb page, she’ll portray a whopping three characters: Murder House’s Billie, Coven’s Cordelia, and, apparently, a new Apocalypse character called “Venable,” who really rocks shoulder pads.
A Paulson’s work is truly never done.

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