It Might Not Just Be Murder House & Coven That Crossover On American Horror Story

Photo: FX Network/Photofest.
American Horror Story's eighth season Apocalypse, set to debut on FX Wednesday, September 12, promises to be everything that longtime fans of Ryan Murphy's anthology series could hope for. After all, it is this season that offers up the show's first true crossover, with characters from season 1's Murder House and season 3's Coven uniting for one huge story. But might other seasons appear in this installment of American Horror Story as well?
The show's official Twitter account is certainly teasing it.
American Horror Story's social media has often provided the biggest clues for the show, which is often cloaked in mystery. This year, its Twitter postings included nuclear bomb imagery and lots of Antichrist pics. Recently, a series of videos posted on the accounted suggested that season 8 of American Horror Story will be much more than "just" a Murder House/Coven crossover. Characters and places from the other installments of the show will, apparently, be affected by the titular apocalypse as well.
In addition to short videos of showing Los Angeles "Murder House" and Miss Robichaux's Academy burning up following a disastrous event, the Twitter page also released similar images of iconic places from each of the other seasons.
Here's the Briarcliff Mental Institution, aflame.
Here's the performance space from season 4's Freak Show.
The Hotel Cortez from season 5 has seen better days.
So has the Pig Man from season 6's Roanoke.
Even season 7's Cult gets a shout-out with this smiley-face imagery.
Nearly all seasons of American Horror Story include crossover cameos from previous seasons, or, at the very least, references to characters or events from previous installments. Yet this particular marketing campaign suggests Apocalypse may actually unify the world in a real way — just as the show plans on destroying it.
Of course, nothing will be truly gone — American Horror Story is renewed through season 10. Could the Apocalypse use this particular season as a way to press the reset button on the franchise, and birth a new continuity in the ninth edition?
Right now, the only thing we know is what we should look for — and, apparently, that's lots and lots of other AHS references. Better brush up and re-watch now, because this season belongs to the most hardcore of fans.
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