Meet The Twisted Cast Of American Horror Story: Apocalypse

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The end is near — at least, it is on American Horror Story.
After much speculation, it was finally revealed that the eighth season of the long-running FX series would be subtitled Apocalypse, and tell a story about the end of the world as we know it.
While things will undoubtedly look quite different when American Horror Story emerges from its mushroom-shaped cloud, one element of Ryan Murphy's horror show simply doesn't change. Apocalypse will feature an outstanding cast, and many of your favorite stars returning to the series as characters you already know and love.
So, who is returning to American Horror Story for its eighth round? Here's a guide to the season's impressive cast.
Sarah Paulson as... Venable
Paulson's shoulder pad-loving character first appeared in a promo for Apocalypse. She's a new character who, as far as we know, will have some ability to "save" people from a terrible fate... though she doesn't seem quite so benevolent in the teaser for the season.
Sarah Paulson as... Cordelia Goode
The witch ended season 3's Coven as the Supreme and headmistress of her school for witches, who are no longer hiding in the shadows.
Sarah Paulson as... Billie Dean Howard
According to IMDb, Paulson will return as this character as well. (Oh, and in case you thought her time on season 8 couldn't be busier, she's also directing an episode.) This television psychic — who is, shockingly, the real deal — first appeared on American Horror Story's first season, Murder House.
Evan Peters as... Tate Langdon
Back by popular demand, American Horror Story's very first villain Tate will return to the Murder House in his signature striped sweater.
Evan Peters as... A Hairdresser
Peters will portray at least one other character on the Coven and Murder House crossover: A hairdresser, a character that, according to Ryan Murphy, will also provide some comic relief. We'll likely need it.
Joan Collins as... The Hairdresser's Grandma
Dynasty's Collins was born to join the American Horror Story universe. (She actually asked Murphy for a part at an Oscars party!) She will make her debut this year as the grandmother of Peters' new character.
Connie Britton as... Vivian Harmon
She's baaaack! After a one-season stint on both 9-1-1 and American Crime Story, the Murder House alum will return to her AHS stomping grounds as the ghostly cellist.
Dylan McDermott as... Ben Harmon
The philandering psychiatrist (who was killed by vengeful ghosts in the Murder House finale) will also return to the series.
Taissa Farmiga as... Violet Harmon
Tate's ex-girlfriend is trapped in the Murder House with him and her parents Vivian and Ben indefinitely. We'll see how poor Violet is holding up when American Horror Story returns.
Taissa Farmiga as... Zoe Benson
As we know from a bewitching Instagram pic featuring Zoe's favorite black hat, the Coven witch who accidentally-and-sometimes-on-purpose kills the men she copulates with will also return to the series.
Emma Roberts as... Madison Montgomery
Surprise, bitch — bet you thought you saw the last of Coven witch Madison. Alas, she's back in black in this crossover season.
Stevie Nicks as... Stevie Nicks
As confirmed by Murphy's tweet, we can't have a Coven reunion without White Witch Stevie returning, now, can we?
Lily Rabe as... Misty Day
The dearly departed Misty will make her return to the coven as well.
Frances Conroy as... Myrtle Snow
She may have died shouting "Balenciaga!" but the redheaded Myrtle will return for Apocalypse as well.
Gabourey Sidibe as... Queenie
Technically, Coven's human voodoo doll died in Hotel at the hands of a hungry vampire (portrayed by Angela Bassett, so really, who would even complain?) But don't worry, Queenie will return to all of her snarky glory when the apocalypse reunites this girl gang.
Cody Fern as... Michael Langdon
The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story actor will portray a grown-up version of Michael Langdon, the baby Vivian gave birth to on Murder House after Tate raped her while posing as her husband Ben. He's presumed to be the Antichrist, and is definitely, at the very least, a killer of nannies.
Jessica Lange as... Constance Langdon
Surprise! After departing Murphy's horror show following season 4's Freak Show, the Feud star will return to the franchise in her very first role from Murder House. Is former Murder House resident Constance as diabolical as ever? Probably, considering she once covered up that nanny killing. (A grandmother's love knows no bounds, apparently.)
Billy Porter as... ???
According to TVLine, the Pose star will join his second Murphy series in an undisclosed role.
Leslie Grossman as... Coco St. Pierre
TVLine also notes that the American Horror Story: Cult actress will return to the horror show as a new character named Coco.
Kathy Bates as... Mrs. Meade
After playing racist murderer Madame LaLaurie on Coven, Bates will return to the series in this brand-new role.
Billie Lourd as... Mallory
The Cult star will re-team with Peters and the rest of the American Horror Story gang when she tackles this new character.
Adina Porter as... Dinah Stevens
The American Horror Story: Roanoke and Cult actress will join the eighth season in a new role.
Cheyenne Jackson as... ???
Jackson appeared on several seasons of AHS, including Cult, Roanoke, and Hotel. His role on season 8 is, so far, undisclosed.
Billy Eichner as... ???
The Billy on the Street comedian provided some comic relief on Cult, when he wasn't killing people in a clown costume. His role on season 8 is also unknown, although he appeared in a recent trailer shouting angrily into a cellphone in the middle of traffic.
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