Will The Witches Stop The Antichrist From Being Born On American Horror Story?

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With just one episode left of American Horror Story: Apocalypse, the question is not if Cordelia (Sarah Paulson) and her witchy girls can stop the end of days, but how they will do it. This simply can’t be the end of the story, both logically within the universe (in Hotel, the timeline extends into 2022, after the show’s apocalypse) and, well, because AHS is renewed through season 10.
Yes, it seems probable that the witches will save the world, but with the threat of nuclear bombs fast-approaching, there only seems one way to do so: Stop Antichrist Michael Langdon (Cody Fern), not in present-day… but in the past.
Fortunately, if time-travel is the only way to shield the world from nuclear fallout, the witches already have it on lock. Possible Supreme witch Mallory (Billie Lourd) proved capable of such a feat in last week’s episode “Fire & Reign” — though she was incapable of saving Anastasia and possibly leading us into a timeline without Amazon’s The Romanoffs.
There are many ways that time travel could stop Michael, but the witches will want to work smarter, not harder… which may mean they will send Mallory quite far back.
We already know from previews of American Horror Story: Apocalypse finale, titled “Apocalypse Then,” will take us back to the Murder House where the very first season of the series (subtitled after the Los Angeles haunt) took place. Yes, it’s possible for Mallory to square off with Michael as a child or teen (the Antichrist was fortunate enough to skip puberty) but given Michael’s immense gifts, there’s no telling how that interaction would go — though one might expect it will end poorly for Mallory.
Perhaps the only way to cease Michael from causing the end of the world is to make sure Michael never enters it at all. Maybe that means Mallory intercepts Tate (Evan Peters) from donning that Rubber Man suit. Perhaps it’s even more dramatic, with Mallory scaring Vivien Harmon (Connie Britton), the human vessel who would give birth to Michael, from ever entering the Murder House in the first place. Or, maybe Mallory will allow Michael’s birth, but attempt to thwart his evil tendencies by giving the baby to Cordelia to raise, hoping he can use his powers for good.
All is unclear right now, including if Mallory really is the savior the witches believe her to be. Will American Horror Story pull a bait-and-switch, and have the time travel element be nothing more than a red herring? Whatever stops Michael… let’s hope it sticks.
Check out the promo for the finale below.

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