Everything New We Learned About The Tristan Scandal On KUWTK

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Last night, Keeping Up with the Kardashians revealed just how Khloé Kardashian's troubles with Tristan Thompson unfurled back in April when the DailyMail published a video of Thompson, Khloé's boyfriend and the father of her child, seemingly kissing another woman. At the time, Khloé was fast approaching her due date with their child. The drama happened quickly and suddenly, but, because the family keeps their drama for KUTWK, we had to wait until November to see it happen on camera, and we finally got a closer look at what went down. Much like viewers, Khloé tweeted that she wished the show was able to air closer to the actual drama, because now she's having to publicly relive one of the most challenging moments in her life once again.
Here's what the episode revealed that hadn't previously been exposed in headlines.
Khloé went on "maternity leave" from the show.
While she was pregnant, Khloé opted out of "official" filming, which means that she did still record things; she just filmed it herself, or asked a friend to operate the camera. (Stephanie Sheppard, Kim Kardashian's assistant, once told Refinery29 that the family will recruit close friends, herself included, to operate the camera during particularly intimate scenes.) This is how KUWTK obtained footage of Khloé near the end of her pregnancy. In this episode, Khloé bounces on a birthing ball with her best friend Malika Haqq nearby. There is a lot of birthing ball in this episode.
"Really, the only place I feel comfortable is this ball," Khloé tells the camera.
Kylie was the one to text Khloé the news.
"I didn't want to hurt her feelings, but I felt like she should hear from one of us," Kylie explains. After the article went live, the family discussed it piecemeal, individuals contacting each other one at a time. Finally, Kylie went straight to Khloé, the person they were most worried about.
Khloé wanted to fly home to Los Angeles after the news broke to be with her family.
Alas, she was on the precipice of having a baby. She stayed in Cleveland, where she'd been living to be closer to Thompson, instead.
MJ, Khloé's grandmother, had some choice advice.
"Find a different type," she told Kim in a mid-scandal conversation. "An accountant, or something."
In the middle of it all, Kris Jenner surprised a class at Brown University.
"I can't believe they have a class like that," Kim said of the Kardashian-themed course.
"The timing isn't great," Kris added. But they surprised the class anyway, chatting with some Brown students about the Kardashian Klout anyway.
Khloé asked that the scandal stay out of her delivery room.
"Everyone wants me to make a decision right now," Khloé said, referring specifically to Kim and her mother. But she wasn't prepared to just ditch Tristan. First of all, she had a baby to deliver. "As crazy as that sounds, I want to enjoy this with him. I don't want any negativity in the delivery room. I don't want anyone to talk about it; make me feel uncomfortable or him uncomfortable. Like, let's just act normal — give me a minute," Khloé implored.
So, yes, effectively: The Tristan drama sent Khloé into labor.
The DailyMail published the video on April 10, 2018. True was born April 12, 2018. Whether the two events are related is subjective, but the timing is certainly suspicious. In the next episode, the family will actually arrive in Cleveland — just in time to see Khloé have her first child.

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