Kendall Jenner's Birth Chart Reveals Something Surprising About Her Personality

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Tomorrow is Kendall Jenner's 23rd birthday and, because we have a soft spot for analyzing the Kardashian-Jenner clan's Zodiac signs, we're taking a deep dive into her astrological identity, from her sun sign to her planetary placements.
Although she was born smack dab in the middle of Scorpio season, Jenner might not strike you as a member of this enigmatic sign right away. After all, she's a world-famous model who lives an extremely public life — and that doesn't exactly mesh with the stereotypical image of an ultra-private Scorpio.
But, if you ask us, she's a textbook Scorpio: She made the rebellious decision to choose a career path separate from her sisters. She has made fake Instagram accounts to stalk her exes more easily. Despite her overall flashy lifestyle, Jenner finds ways to secure some alone time and, yes, a bit of secrecy in her life. If you're still not convinced of her Scorpio bona fides, she famously once said, "I don't want to talk to people." We'd like to formally nominate that for the Scorpio family motto.
Luckily, Jenner isn't stuck being a total Scorpionic loner in the family — momager Kris' birthday is just two days after hers, which all but confirms these two have the shadiest side conversations outside of the family group chat.
As much as Jenner may be a quintessential Scorpio, if we look at her birth chart (the starmap of the planets' locations when she was born), we find that her cool and collected sun sign is actually hiding a boisterous stellium in Sagittarius. A stellium, for those who haven't pored over their astro-dictionary recently, is a concentration of at least three celestial bodies in the same Zodiac sign. In Jenner's case, she has Venus, Mars, and Jupiter posted up in the sign of the Archer.
With love planet Venus and sexual, action-packed Mars in Sagittarius, Jenner likely behaves like this fire sign — adventurous and playful, yet initially noncommittal — when it comes to her romantic life. But, Venus doesn't just rule our love lives and Mars isn't all about physical attraction. The former also determines our style and tastes, while the latter is responsible for our tempers. We can see these influences come through in Jenner's line of work (a worldly Sag will rarely turn down a chance to travel, if it means collecting another experience for their memory bank) as well as her approach to conflict (Jenner, like most folks with Mars in Sagittarius, would rather leave the scene to nurse their feelings than duke it out).
"Still waters run deep" is a tired cliché, but it comes pretty darn close to nailing Jenner's personality, at least as it is reflected in her birth chart. Beneath that steely Scorpio exterior lies a thirst for adventure, exploration, and ever-broadening horizons — no wonder Jenner has worked so hard to overcome her fear of flying.

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