4 Misconceptions About Scorpios That Will Make You Rethink Their Dark Reputation

Photographed by Rochelle Brock.
Scorpio season is in full swing, stargazers. The transition from playful, light-hearted Libra's solar season to that of dark and mysterious Scorpio can be jarring. And the belief that Scorpios are all dark and mysterious — and nothing else — certainly doesn't help to ease the move.
It's easy to paint Scorpios in broad strokes because they can be difficult to get to know. They're rarely interested in putting it all out there and would rather reserve their whole self for a select few chosen friends. But, should you take the time to penetrate their steely exterior, you'll discover there's more to this sign than their aloof first impression would have you believe.
Ahead, we've rounded up four misconceptions you might have made about Scorpios and revealed the truth behind them.
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They're closed books.

Some Scorpios can be so impenetrable and unaffected that you forget that they're actually a water sign. Rather than let their feelings freely flow, their first instinct is to put up a front. That's why, upon meeting a Scorpio, you might believe that their one and only personality trait is "mysterious." Some bodies of water are deeper than others — and Scorpios are rarely shallow. Getting to know them will help bring their emotional side to light. As long as you let them reveal their feelings to you on their own time.
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They get way too intense.

If you happen to be close to a Scorpio, you've probably noticed their penetrating gaze and protective nature. You may wonder if their behavior is a little too possessive or if they're downright jealous. You're not making any of this up — Scorpios like to go deep with their close relationships. But they place too high a price on privacy to invade yours. If you ask for space, they'll happily give it to you. As intense as they may seem, Scorpios are not naturally suspicious people. They may fall hard for you, but they'll never push or interrogate you.
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They're nothing but edge.

Many Scorpios feel drawn to the lugubrious side of life, thanks to their planetary ruler, Pluto, which has long been associated with the underworld, profound change, and the depths of our subconscious. This influence may manifest itself in dry remarks, a penchant for horror movies, or an all-black wardrobe. (And, no, they aren't particularly interested in proving that they aren't as edgy as they seem.) But that doesn't mean Scorpios are nothing but doom and gloom. Their interest in the unknown often extends beyond the grave to encompass anything detail- or process-oriented. Many Scorps love to tinker and would go so far as to describe themselves as flat-out nerds for a very specific type of craft.
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They'll drop you in an instant.

Just like their ruling element, Scorpios go where the current takes them. They gravitate toward trendy clothes and up-to-the-minute technology. They even seem to welcome change, rather than dread it like most. For some Scorps, this habit can bleed into their relationships. But it's rare that you'll ever feel completely betrayed by a Scorpio (the tale of the treacherous scorpion and the frog does not apply here). More accurately, Scorpios don't like to waste their time if they aren't absolutely sure it will pay off. Their attraction to the unknown makes them big believers in feeling "the spark," or natural chemistry, when they meet someone. This might not soften the blow when a Scorp ghosts you, but, you can rest assured, they didn't want to waste your time, either.

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