4 Stretches That'll Help Ease Your Post-Thanksgiving Bloating

Photographed by Erin Yamagata.
The iconic Thanksgiving food coma could very well be a useful evolutionary adaptation that ensures people get enough rest for Black Friday shopping sprees — but "postprandial somnolence" can also be a little uncomfortable. After the big meal, you might feel so bloated, tight, nauseous, or just plain gassy, that you have to find a sub for your family's football game and cancel your plans to go out drinking.
Luckily, gentle movement like stretching may actually help relieve tension, reduce inflammation, and promote blood flow to your digestive organs, says Jeff Brannigan, director of programming at STRETCH*D, an assisted stretching studio in New York City.
These simple stretches from Brannigan naturally progress so you can do them safely after a large meal like Thanksgiving. (However, if you're feeling especially bloated or full, be sure to move slowly, or wait around 15 minutes after eating.) And the good news is that you can do these while you're already on the floor.

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