What To Get Your Friend Who's Obsessed With The Wellness Scene

Most of us have a well-meaning friend who is always pushing the latest wellness trends that they saw on Instagram. Stick a jade egg in your vagina, have some bone broth, take this strange new workout class, and use this vibrating massage tool, they say. While you might not be totally on board with their unconventional health habits, you can always use their interests to predict what type of stuff they'd want for the holidays.
At a time when "wellness culture" dominates, it can be tough to keep up with all the cool health and wellness influencers and products out there. (Not to mention somewhat sketchy, since many "health" or "wellness" supplements and products are not regulated in any way, shape, or form.)
Given that, we've compiled some (safe!) gifts that your sweat-loving, Goop-worshiping, wellness-freaky friend will be obsessed with — and even skeptics like you will want to get behind.
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Each colorful card in this deck contains a mindfulness practice or mantra for the day.
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Soaking in this luxurious combination of eucalyptus, cajeput, and epsom salts will help them relax from a long day of boutique workout classes.
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Some people swear that sitting on acupressure mats with hundreds of pointy plastic needles can help manage muscle pain. This mat also includes a bolster for their neck.
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A classy neoprene gym bag that's big enough to take on an overnight yoga retreat.
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Water infused with quartz crystals is incredibly extra — but then again, so is paying $35 for a boxing class.
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If they're so busy that they waste their ClassPass credits each month, they'll appreciate a subscription to the workout streaming service, "obé."
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Preorder Hannah Bronfman's first book, Do What Feels Good, which is full of recipes, workout motivation, and skincare tips.
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A celestial-inspired yoga mat is perfect for practicing your next full moon ritual.
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Instagram's not ready for the gorgeous smoothie bowls your friend will prepare with this matcha coconut butter.
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The racerback design on this sports bra crop top keeps weight off their shoulders — and looks great in workout Instagrams.
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Each day of the year, there's a different prompt to read and reflect upon in this book. Even if they're not into meditation, it might inspire some deep thoughts.
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These Swiss sneakers are highly cushioned, thanks to the cloud-like sole, and they're pretty cool-looking too.
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Equinox groupies will appreciate this kit of essential oils, which was inspired by the gym's signature eucalyptus scent.
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No, this is not a torture chamber or human toaster, it's an at-home infrared sauna.
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A packable rose gold jumprope will make their home gym way chicer.
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This gorgeous vessel will keep their green concoctions smoothies chill all day long.
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Reishi mushrooms are known to be a divine, spiritual, ~*~*magic*~*~ kind of mushroom in Traditional Chinese Medicine.
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Inside one textured foam roller you'll find an even knobbier one to target tough-to-reach muscles.
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Protect their beloved AirPods within the depths of their massive gym bag with this neoprene case.
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So, these chocolates allegedly help your skin and relieve anxiety — and if they don't work, well, at least they're chocolate.
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These high-waisted leggings come in 14 different colors and are surprisingly durable.
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They can pack this massage kit in their carry-on for long flights (or boring meetings).

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