A Birthday Astrology Reading For Ivanka Trump

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Scorpio season is in full swing, stargazers, and today marks the birthday of one of the sign's most mysterious members (and, for Scorpio, that's saying something). Ivanka Trump turns 37 today, and in honor of the First Daughter's latest trip around the sun, we're taking a closer look at her birth chart, which depicts where all of the heavenly bodies were located on the Wheel of the Zodiac when she was born — and what those placements reveal about her, at times, impenetrable personality.
First, let's look at the most obvious and well-known feature in Ivanka's chart: her Scorpio sun, which rules her likes, dislikes, and basic personality traits. Normally, Scorpios are characterized as darkly humorous individuals who know how to keep a secret. We know little to nothing about Ivanka's comedic skills, but we'd argue that her carefully curated, surface-level persona proves she has the secrecy thing down pat.
Beyond her sun sign, Ivanka's Mercury sign is easy, breezy Libra, which only adds to her overall polished public image. Libra is the charmer and poised networker of the Zodiac. When it hosts Mercury, the messenger planet, it can make a social butterfly out of anyone. The dark side of Libra is that it can be a little too charming if given the platform — with enough power, that Libran gift of gab can turn downright manipulative. We'll leave it up to you to decide whether an innate ability to massage the truth to fit her personal narrative sounds like an Ivankan trait or not.
Speaking of Libra, this sign is also home to Ivanka's Jupiter and Saturn. Although these planets are more distant from Earth and, therefore, have less of an effect on our daily routines and behavior, they reflect the nature of overarching, meaningful themes in our lives. Jupiter, for one, rules the role that wisdom, prosperity, and luck play in our lives. In Libra, this planet encourages diplomatic and collaborative thought, which we can see in Ivanka's book and "initiative" for working women (having Jupiter in Libra doesn't mean your grand vision will pan out — it simply means you might have one).
Meanwhile, Saturn rules discipline, long-term goals, and responsibility. It's the taskmaster of our solar system, which makes it an odd partner for fun-loving Libra. Simply, this placement could prompt Ivanka to be very particular about the nature and process of her work — symmetry and aesthetics are key, and if something seems out of place, she may resist the project or plan altogether.
As revealing as these placements are, we've only scratched the surface of Ivanka's astrological identity. One thing's for sure, though — as much as Ivanka's mysteriousness may be of her own design, the stars are definitely on her side.

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