The One Scene The Stars Of Netflix's Sabrina Couldn't Film

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Warning: Spoilers ahead for Chilling Adventures of Sabrina season 1.
Netflix's Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina part 1 finale, “The Witching Hour,” is 63 minutes of serious television. Every single firstborn child in Greendale is nearly murdered in a bloodbath, a surprise baby shows up in the Spellman household, and Sabrina Spellman (Kiernan Shipka) inches closer to a possible apocalypse prophecy.
Yet, there was one scene that the Sabrina crew simply could not get through… because someone caught the giggles.
“We just had way too much fun,” Gavin Leatherwood, one-third of Sabrina's central love triangle, told Refinery29 about filming his character Nicholas Scratch's first scene with on-screen romantic rival and real-life pal, Ross Lynch. Lynch plays Sabrina’s mortal love interest, Harvey Kinkle. During the scene, Nick and Harvey, who are both still vying for Sabrina's heart in their own ways, must barricade themselves in the Kinkle household. The boys are trying to keep out the bloodthirsty ghosts of a powerful group of executed witches called Greendale 13, as well as a killer angel of death.
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Despite the serious nature of the moment, Leatherwood “couldn’t help but laugh” every time the Sabrina team tried to film the guys' most tense exchange. At one point during “Witching Hour,” Nick asks Harvey if he is a firstborn son. Thankfully, the answer is no. That title went to Harvey's older brother Tommy (Justin Dobies), who dies twice in 10 episodes. But, Harvey confirms, his dad (Christopher Rosamond), who is also in the house, is a firstborn child. Uh-oh.
“And every time for some reason, the look in Ross’ eyes and how serious we were [made me crack up]. It was this really dramatic, crucial moment of like, ‘Well, we’re totally screwed,’ Leatherwood recalled. “But being so serious, it was just funny…I was like, ‘I don’t know why it’s funny. I’m sorry, I’m not trying to laugh.’”
However, it seems pretty obvious why filming Nick and Harvey’s most urgent conversation was so hilarious: Leatherwood and Lynch are usually having too much fun on set to get into any life-or-death situations. “Ross and I are typically laughing and joking around all the time,” the burgeoning Netflix heartthrob explained. “So, to be so completely serious with him in this very pivotal moment, I just started losing my stuff.”
Although Nick and Harvey’s near-death hangout session holds a delightful backstory, it also contains a hint about the future of Sabrina because we find out if Harvey is the firstborn son (no) and whether Mr. Kinkle is a firstborn son (yup), but Nick never mentions his own birth order. If Nick is the oldest child, that means he’s a much bigger hero than we already thought — and therefore even more worthy of Sabrina's affection.
After all, if the possibly firstborn warlock stuck his neck out to protect a stranger and a mortal like Harvey during the Greendale 13’s would-be massacre, rather than remain in the safety of the Academy Of Unseen Arts, Nick was willing to die to protect someone Sabrina cares about. Even if that person could be standing between Nick and Sabrina's love story.
Well, is Nick a firstborn son? As Leatherwood told us, “If you keep watching, you might find out.”
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