Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina Binge Club, Episodes 1-10

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“In the town of Greendale, where it always feels like Halloween…”
So begins the story of the Netflix's newest addictive series Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina.
Our protagonist? Sixteen-year-old Sabrina Spellman (Kiernan Shipka), a half-witch, half-mortal, who is presented with a life-altering choice: the mortal world of her closest friends or the magic world of her family. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves... Let's start at the beginning of this young witch's tale, which is a dark reimagining of the Archie comic. However, if you're here expecting the canned laughter and talking cat of the Sabrina The Teenage Witch of the 90s, think again. This Sabrina is spooky (and has a much higher special effects budget). A whole season of curses and blood and possession awaits you — if you dare keep your eyes on the screen (even the cast got freaked out by the spells) . Join us as we binge the first season of Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina.
Episode 1
The first episode begins a few days before the fateful decision (witch or mortal?) must be made. Instead, our witch is enjoying happier times, watching a horror movie in the theater with her boyfriend Harvey (Ross Lynch), and two best friends, Rosalind (Jaz Sinclair) and Susie (Lachlan Watson). On their way to their traditional post-horror-movie debrief at Dr. Cerberus’s, a bookstore and restaurant, they bump into their frail and timid teacher, Mrs. Wardwell (Michelle Gomez). Sabrina invites her to join them, but Miss Wardwell declines. She has papers to grade — and a demon to battle.
But she doesn’t know that yet. As Miss Wardwell drives home, she has no idea she’s going to have to swerve to avoid a young woman standing in the middle of the road. She doesn’t know she’ll bring that young woman home and ask her what’s wrong, and that the young woman will say she’s looking for Sabrina Spellman to seek revenge for Sabrina’s father’s marriage to a mortal. And she definitely wasn’t expecting the young woman to kill her and posses her dead body, giving birth to an imposter Miss Wardwell — Madame Satan, whose allegiance is to the Dark Lord, and will do anything to deliver Sabrina to him.
She may not have to, because that’s ostensibly what Sabrina will be doing the night of her birthday. It’s why she tells Harvey they can’t spend the day together, and he gives her the necklace he bought for her that night instead.
“I love you,” Harvey says. If we were to say Harvey stares at Sabrina like a puppy, then Sabrina looks back at him like an owner who knows it’s time to go to the vet. There’s something she’s not telling Harvey about her true identity, and he’s not going to like it.
But it’s full steam ahead at the Spellman household. Both of Sabrina’s parents died when she was young, so it’s up to her witch aunts Hilda (Lucy Davis) and Zelda (Miranda Otto) to raise her. Zelda is hellbent on giving Sabrina a proper witch upbringing, but as you’ll learn, Sabrina does things her own way. For instance, while Zelda wants her to pick her familiar — a goblin in the form of a pet who will act as her protector — from a book, Sabrina believes it should be a mutual choice. She plans to summon one, and they will treat each other as equals, rather than servant and master.
With her cousin Ambrose (Chance Perdomo), however, she gets a little more candid. She says she’s having doubts. Ambrose, always an open ear due to the fact that he’s been on house arrest for 75 years, asks if she’s told her friends that after her birthday she’ll be leaving her high school, Baxter High, to go be a witch (or, in mortal words, “go to a boarding school in Connecticut”). No, of course she hasn’t.
There’s another reason to be wary of her new witch life — actually three, and they all appear in the woods when Sabrina tries to summon her familiar. Prudence (Tati Gabrielle), Agatha (Adeline Rudolph), and Dorcus Weird (Abigail Cowen) all attend The Academy Of The Unseen Arts, where Sabrina will be attending should she choose to sign her name in the Book Of The Beast and become an official witch. Because of her half-witch, half-mortal status, the three women don’t want Sabrina mingling with their kind. They warn her that what happened to her parents might happen to her, insinuating that their deaths were no accident. To top it all off, they place a blood curse on Sabrina, that she must then wash off in the locker room showers.
Turns out, she’s not alone in there. Susie has sought refuge from four footballers who keep harassing her, pulling up her shirt to see if she is a boy or a girl. When Sabrina reports their behavior to Principal Hawthorne (Bronson Pinchot), however, he says he can’t do anything unless Sabrina brings him names. Instead, he suggests, Susie could start looking at other schools.
Luckily, sexy Madame Satan — uh, Miss Wardwell, has a solution. She approaches Sabrina and not-so-subtly suggests that her new protégé take matters into her own hands. Did Sabrina know Hawthorne is deathly afraid of spiders? JUST SPOOKILY SAYIN’.
This gives Sabrina the key to carry out her master plan: She wants to start a club for young women to protect themselves from the “white patriarchy,” but needs Hawthorne out of the way to do it. She enlists Ambrose to help her, and also reveals that she just tried to tell Harvey she was a witch and it went so badly she had to erase his memory. She’s still no closer to figuring out her dilemma.
To add to this, she can’t stop having horrifying dreams. In her most recent vision, she follows her parents into the woods where there are two babies: one normal, one with dark, shriveled legs (there's a crazy theory about that over here). She shoots awake, and goes to find Ambrose to curse Hawthorne with a plague of spiders. As a reward for her hard work, her familiar finally reveals himself: Salem, a black cat.
As she introduces Salem to her aunts the next morning, Sabrina also brings up her hesitation about her Dark Baptism with her aunts. It feels very patriarchal that she must sign away her rights and her body, despite the fact that this is what her parents wanted. She wishes she could talk to someone to make an educated choice, and Ambrose privately suggests that she seeks guidance in a Malum Malus, which will give her some perspective and can be used by biting into the apple of the oldest tree.
After school, Sabrina and her friends go apple picking in search of said tree, pursued by Miss Wardwell who wants to make sure Sabrina doesn’t see anything that would dissuade her from becoming a witch. Her attempts are thwarted by Salem, however, and Sabrina glimpses a horrifying vision of witches hanging in the woods.
That cinches it: she won’t be a witch. But at home, a visitor is waiting.
In Salem's words...
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Episode 2
It’s here that we meet Father Blackwood (Richard Coyle), the High Priest and principal of The Academy of Unseen Arts. Sabrina’s aunts brought him in to assure Sabrina that signing her name in the Book Of The Beast is the right path for her, and Blackwood is pretty convincing. He promises Sabrina that she’s not actually turning over her soul, but rather that it’s a more symbolic gesture. However, he does say she must end things with Harvey, because witch souls are not compatible with mortal souls.
Ambrose has his own bone to pick. A body that arrived at the Spellman mortuary that week bore what looked suspiciously like a witch’s mark. Ambrose is suspicious of the possibility of a witch hunter afoot, but Blackwood waves away those concerns as breezily as Sabrina’s. In fact, the only person who seems willing to see Sabrina’s side is Hilda, who admits (unknowingly under the watchful eye of Zelda) that she had her own doubts about joining the church.
At Baxter High, Susie has reached a breaking point. After witnessing a handful of jocks tearing down their WICCA signs, she runs at them, earning a suspension. Sabrina is horrified and wants to press charges, but Susie settles with just revealing their names: Billy Marlin, Ed Dursley, Seth Grinwis, and Carl Tapper.
Feeling abandoned by the school, Sabrina once again takes matters into her own hands — this time with the help of Prudence, Agatha, and Dorcus. They agree to join Sabrina in seeking revenge on the mortal boys as long as she promises to never leave Baxter High, a promise Sabrina makes with fingers crossed.
While they set off on their scheme, Zelda has a mission of her own. To punish Hilda for expressing her doubts to Sabrina, Zelda kills her sister and buries her in the yard. Don’t worry, though, this is a common practice, and Hilda will soon resurrect herself.
But the footballers may never recover from Sabrina’s revenge. Lured into the mines with the promise of girls and a party, they think they’re having a steamy make-out session with the witches, but soon find themselves kissing...each other, and Sabrina has the pictures to prove it. For added measure, Prudence takes away their boyhoods and keeps them in a cage. Sabrina is free to release them when she feels they’ve suffered long enough. Sabrina cops to the fact that she lied about staying at Baxter, but the witches said they already knew. They don’t need a reason to torture mortal boys.
Hilda resurrects herself just in time to send Sabrina off to her Halloween party. With her in a white gown and Harvey as a miner like his father, they set off into the night, with Sabrina promising to return by midnight for her secret baptism. Until then, she enjoys what might be one last night with her friends, but flees as soon as the blood moon appears.
She enters the woods, walks through the blue flames, and her white dress turns black. Blackwood, her family, and the rest of their coven are waiting. Miss Wardwell is even hiding in the trees. As horrifying visions cloud her brain, she agrees to to place the Dark Lord above all others in her life — loved ones, family, friends, neighbors. It’s only when she goes to sign the book and is asked to obey without questioning any order she receives from the Dark Lord and swear to give her mind body and soul to him that she hesitates. That’s not what Father Blackwood told her, and she bolts.
“My name is Sabrina Spellman,” she cries. “And I will not sign it away!”
Zelda is infuriated, humiliated, and hardly speaks to her niece the next morning. Sabrina heads off to school, but doesn’t realize that Dark Lord won’t give up that easily. She’s called into Principal Hawthorne’s office, only to find he’s been possessed by Satan. All mortal flesh will burn, he promises. Wow, and to think Sabrina didn’t want to join that.
In Salem’s words…
Episode 3
Ambrose’s suspicious about Connor, the dead boy at the mortuary, grow stronger when he discovers the lizard he used to keep as a pet. Was this, in fact, a familiar? If so, Zelda says, it won’t last long. Familiars usually die without their masters. In the meantime, however, Ambrose will look after it. Hilda won’t turn it into a handbag just yet.
At Baxter High, while the girls may have successfully established WICCA, another problem is already arising. A book Rosalind wanted to read, The Bluest Eye, was deemed problematic by the school, and upon further investigation, the librarian revealed that despite Principal Hawthorne’s insistence that they don’t ban books, there was a “soft purge” a few years ago.
The students want to make this right, but Sabrina has her own issues back home. She’s been sued by the church for “breach of promise” because she did not sign the Book of the Beast. Since witch law is guilty until proven innocent, her guardians Hilda and Zelda are stripped of their powers until a verdict is reached. Father Blackwood says the best bet is to beg for mercy, but you’ve probably learned by now that that’s not Sabrina’s bag.
Instead, she follows Ambrose’s advice and seeks counsel from the mortal Daniel Webster. He’s a ruthless lawyer who’s gone against the devil many times, but when approached by Sabrina, he declines. It’s only after looking at a photo of his daughter that he changes his mind.
In the nick of time he bursts into Sabrina’s trail and tells her to plead not guilty. Sabrina’s father helped him one, he explains, so it’s time to return the favor.
That might be difficult, however, because Father Blackwood has a trump card up his sleeve. Turns out, a few days after Sabrina was born, her father and Zelda went into the woods and preemptively signed her name in the book of the beast, promising her to the Dark Lord. It was the only way he was allowed to marry her mortal mother, Zelda explained. Now, Sabrina is trapped.
So is Harvey, at least mentally. His father wants him to start pulling his weight and carrying out shifts in the mines, but as he tells Sabrina that next day, he had a traumatic experience down there when he was eight years old. He saw a vision of what audiences see is the Dark Lord himself. Harvey hasn’t gone down their since.
Ambrose is the only person who seems to be getting anywhere with his particular issue. While at Connor’s funeral, he meets Luke, an ex-boyfriend of Connor’s. While he can’t quite get out of Luke whether or not Connor was a witch, there are definite sparks between them, and they make vague plans to meet again.
At school, a vision conjured by Miss Wardell reveals some horrifying news. Before Sabrina, Webster’s clients included rapists and murderers. She wants nothing to do with a person who would vouch for such horrible men, and fires him. However, Webster reveals that he had actually signed his name away to the devil, and found himself defending case after case without fully realizing how horrible they were. It wasn’t until one of the men he freed turned around and killed Webster’s own daughter that he saw the error of his ways. Now, he wants redemption, and Sabrina agrees to give it to him.
His first order of business is to change the whole way the court is approaching the trial. Since Sabrina is also half mortal, she should be half-judged the mortal way. Father Blackwood says a much easier solution is to determine if Sabrina has a witch’s mark. Whether or not she does will determine how she is judged, and the next time they meet, she’ll submit to a full examination.
Meanwhile, Ambrose and Luke are getting it on, while Rosalind tells her friends she’s going blind, and Harvey’s PTSD stops him from going down into the mines. It truly seems like everything is at a breaking point — and Hilda finally hits hers.
When the court resumes, Hilda reveals a secret she’s been hiding for some time. One day before Sabrina’s name was signed in the Book of the Beast after her birth, Hilda, Sabrina, and Sabrina’s mother baptized her as Christian. This makes any subsequent agreements null and void, and allows for the ultimate compromise. Hilda and Zelda get their powers back (but Hilda is excommunicated for her treason) and Sabrina can retain her mortal life as long as she agrees to still attend The Academy of Unseen Arts and as well as weekly Black Mass. However, just as Sabrina’s magical life finally takes shape, her mortal life threatens to fall apart one by one…
In Salem’s words…
Episode 4
It’s Sabrina’s first weekend as dual citizen of witchcraft and normal life, and already there’s challenges. Susie’s dad is out of town, but instead of joining her and Rosalind for a girl’s night, Sabrina must pack up her things and head to the Academy for her induction. It’s a blow, and Harvey isn’t happy he won’t see Sabrina either (of course, he things she’s “selling her aunts honey at an expo”), but Sabrina justifies to it Ambrose when she says she’s only going to the Academy to learn how to defeat the Dark Lord for good.
Sabrina is greeted outside a derelict building by a small boy named Quentin (Liam Hughes). When he brings her inside, it transforms into the Academy. It’s filled with mysterious corners and unexplained objects, but Father Blackwood explains that Sabrina’s time there will be a little less spooky. Before she can take classes like Conjuring, she must learn the basics, so it’s off the choir practice she goes.
There, she catches the eye of one Nicholas Scratch (Gavin Leatherwood), and warlock who happens to have a real fascination with Sabrina’s father. He’s even reading her father’s journals, which are kept tucked away in the Sanctum, the library for advanced students.
Meanwhile, the girls night is not going as planned when Susie reveals that her sick uncle, Uncle Jesse, is living in her house. Something happened to him after he saw a “monster” in the mines, and he hasn’t been the same since. After catching a glimpse of what Jesse has become, Rosalind agrees to stay with Susie the whole weekend.
If only Sabrina could get that kind of company. Instead, it’s night one of her Harrowing, a practice similar to hazing that involves Prudence, Agatha, and Dorcus locking her in a cell overnight. She might have gone crazy, had Salem not sense she was in danger and come running to protect her.
Bitter that Sabrina survived her torture, Prudence steals Sabrina’s pajamas the next morning, causing Sabrina to lunge at Prudence. Before they can cause too much damage, Blackwood calls Sabrina into his office. There, with Zelda by her side, Sabrina argues that she’s not being challenged, so Blackwood agrees that if Sabrina can cause a mystical rubik's-cube type device called an Acheron Configuration, she can join Conjuring class — or go mad trying.
While Sabrina is sent off to join Nicholas for lunch, Zelda stays behind and agrees to be a midwife for Father Blackwood’s wife. She has suffered a number of miscarriages, but Zelda has never lost a baby during her past as a midwife. Zelda reluctantly agrees.
Sabrina has a request of her own, that Nicholas sneaks her into the Sanctum so she can read her dad’s journals. They might have clues for solving the Acheron Configuration, which Nicholas reveals her dad actually creative. However, it’s too risky, and Nicholas ultimately declines.
Ambrose is having his own warlock struggles. Luke wants to go on a date, but Ambrose cannot leave the house. Rather than admit to being a felon, he asks Hilda to help him astral project into a coffee shop for just 20 minutes so he can see Luke outside of the confines of their home. It’s too dangerous, Hilda explains, because only the dead can astral project. Project too long, and Ambrose will be taken away by psychopomps, never to return. But when they discover Zelda will be gone for the night having dinner at the Blackwoods, it’s too good an opportunity to pass up.
While Ambrose’s physical body lies comatose surrounded by candles, his astral self is enjoying a coffee with Luke. While it’s Hilda’s responsibility to bring him back after 20 minutes, a visitor distracts her. Madame Satan-con-Miss Wardwell arrives, pretending to have suffered a death, but really she’s there to poke around Sabrina’s home and gather pieces for a spell. This distraction leaves Ambrose on the astral plane for far too long, and he’s rescued in the nick of time by Zelda’s return, just as the psychopomps started looming.
Sabrina, near her own kind of death, is in the midst of night two of her harrowing. Brought outside to stare at a tree, she’s not allowed to turn around the whole night, no matter what she hears, and what she hears are horrible things, like Harvey’s screams. However, she once again makes it, and is rescued by Quentin the next morning. Quentin reveals to Sabrina that he’s actually dead, along with a handful of other students who have been harrowed to death over the years.
Sabrina decides this barbaric process must stop. She calls her aunts, who then attempt to talk reason into Father Blackwood, but ultimately have to take the issue into their own hands. As someone who has been harrowed herself, Hilda knows that all the children want is revenge, and they get it that night.
Before Prudence can carry out her final act of evil and hang Sabrina from a tree, the harrowed children appear and turn the tables. Instead, Prudence, Agatha, and Dorcus find themselves hanging from invisible ropes. Witches didn’t fight for their lives only to turn on one another, Sabrina explains. The harrowings end tonight.
While Ros and Susie may not be getting harrowed in the witch sense, they’re certainly going through their own harrowing experience when they bring Harvey to talk to Uncle Jesse. Harvey wants to know if Jesse saw the same thing in the mines that he saw as a kid, but this elicits a terrifying reaction. Jesse sits up as if possessed by the devil, and tries to attack Harvey before he escapes.
On Sabrina’s way out of the Academy, Nicholas sneaks her a gift: one of her father’s journals. When Sabrina takes it home, it contains the clues she needs to solve the Acheron, and it breaks apart in her hands. Red sand falls to the ground, but there’s no time to celebrate: There’s a demon at her door.
In Salem’s words...
Episode 5
The demon at Sabrina’s door is not just any demon — it’s Batibat, a sleep demon that plagued her father. He trapped it in the Acheron, never thinking anyone would solve it, and now she’s running loose. Despite Zelda’s attempts to capture it, it manages to put each member of the family to bed in separate rooms. That way, their dreams won’t cross over, and she can torture them all individually until one of them reveals the spell that will free her from this house.
However, she underestimates the Spellmans. Even though she tortures Sabrina with a dream about Harvey trying to kill her on their wedding day for being a witch, trapping her in a spiky torture device, the teenage witch refuses to reveal the spell. The same goes for Ambrose, who finds himself trapped in his own dead body while another Ambrose performs an autopsy. Even Hilda, whose dream about a date with Principal Hawthorne ends in horror as she finds herself stitched together with Zelda, unable to leave, doesn’t crack. Zelda’s horror is perhaps the most touching. It’s no surprise she worries the Dark Lord will be disappointed with her, but who knew the thought of actually killing Hilda would send her into a fit of hysterics? Regardless, the secret spell is safe, but Sabrina is not.
Miss Wardwell knows this, and has to blow her cover hopping from dream to dream to find Sabrina and keep her from the menace of Batibat. It’s Miss Wardwell who explains to the witch that she must wake up and free her family, and she helps her along with the use of a voodoo doll.
Now awake, Sabrina tries to banish the demon herself using a spell, but she’s far from experienced enough. Instead, she realizes she must go back into their dreams to get advice from one of her aunts. It’s Hilda who gives her the advice she needs — that you trap a nightmare the same way you trap a dream — and with Ambrose acting as a distraction, Sabrina wakes back up and binds Batibat in a spiders web. Or, really, a dreamcatcher. As Sabrina explains, sometimes it’s the simplest magic that works best.
Everyone wakes up, and Batibat is trapped for good in a jam jar, but Sabrina’s not at ease. Miss Wardwell has some explaining to do.
In Salem’s words…
Episode 6
It may seem like Sabrina has caught Miss Wardwell in her plan, but Madame Satan has another lie up her sleeve. She tells Sabrina that she was a student and admirer of her father, and that she promised him before he died that she would look after his daughter. Despite the sentiment, no matter how false, Sabrina feels deceived by everyone in her life. She plans to wipe the house clean of Miss Warwell’s spying, but Greendale has a bigger problem on its hands.
Every since the sleepover, Harvey, Rosalind, and Susie are getting visited by Uncle Jesse as a demon. He calls out their fears, their insecurities, but worst of all? Sabrina refuses to believe them. Back home, however, she allows her true concern show. She tells her aunts that she believes Uncle Jesse has been possessed, but Zelda stresses that demonic possession is unlikely.
To prove her theory right, Sabrina astral projects with the help of Ambrose (because that went so well last time) to interrogate the demon from the safety of the astral plane. However, this is an advanced demon, because he still manages to crawl his way inside of her throat, almost killing her had Salem not alerted Ambrose to the emergency. Sabrina wakes up, shaken but satisfied that she found the confirmation she was looking for.
She apologizes to Harvey for dismissing his demon fears earlier that day, and the two head to the mines so Sabrina can learn more about the demon’s origins. While down there, she stumbles upon a trapping stone that can be used to keep the demon at bay, but she also stumbles upon Miss Wardwell, who won’t stop following her. She says Sabrina is in danger in the mines, and she’s right. As Sabrina and Harvey leave, the Dark Lord can be seen lurking in the background.
Above ground, ignorant of the demon revelation, Susie’s father decides it’s time to send Uncle Jesse to a facility. However, he blames Jesse’s problems on things that happened to him as a child, in particular that he once tried to wear a dress. Susie, who dresses androgynously, takes this as an attack on herself. Everything is going to the demon’s plan.
But don’t worry, Sabrina is cooking something up. She spends most of her time in class at the Academy that day asking about witch exorcisms, something they are forbidden from performing. Father Blackwood only humors her questions for so long before time is up. As Sabrina leaves, Nicholas approaches her and says he likes his witches rebellious. Sabrina stresses that he has a boyfriend, but Nicholas says he’s fine to share.
But Sabrina has bigger fish to fry, or rather, demons to exorcise. While Zelda strongly disapproves of the whole thing, both Hilda and Miss Wardwell are game to give it a try. They set out for the Putnam house and begin the exorcism, but the demon is stronger than they thought. As Sabrina calls for help from their ancestors, Uncle Jesse psychologically torments her with accusations about her genes and parents. It’s not until Zelda steps in, ready to help her family, that the demon is finally defeated.
And what was the demon, anyways? Turns out, an Apophis devouring worm that was eating away at Uncle Jesse’s soul. It’s successfully exorcised and dropped into a well with the trapping stone, but Father Blackwood is waiting for Sabrina and her aunts at home. He wants one good reason not to excommunicate them on the spot, but Zelda has two. His wife is pregnant with twins, and he needs her around to keep them safe.
It’s not all good news, though. The mortuary receives a call that Uncle Jesse passed away in the night. Unbeknownst to them, however, it was Miss Wardwell who did the dead. However, she doesn’t admit it when Sabrina approaches her for consolation at the end of the episode. Sabrina admits that she’s trying to outwit the Dark Lord, meaning Miss Wardwell’s game just got much more complicated.
In Salem’s words…
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Episode 7
Just as the witches spent Halloween participating in slightly deadlier tradition, their take on Thanksgiving is equally morose. Instead, the coven participates in what is called the Feast Of Feasts, a Hunger Games-style ceremony in which one witch is chosen from fourteen nominees to sacrifice themselves in honor of a witch from centuries ago who did just that to keep the starving church alive. This year, the Spellman family has been nominated to send for a representative, and while Sabrina insists it’s barbaric, Zelda puts herself forward.
In the mortal world, they have their own type of task. Miss Wardwell has assigned her class with the task of learning more about their families’ history, and they all get a little more than they bargained for. For instance, Susie learns that a woman in her family used to wear men’s clothing and was well-regarded. Rosalind learns that while she’s going blind, her grandmother says that means she’s developing a “cunning,” or sixth sense. As for Harvey, the Kinkles apparently stole the land they currently have from some so-called “hill people.” P.S: “hill people” are witches.
At the Academy, Prudence is gloating even more than usual thanks to her nomination as one of the Feast tributes. Nicholas tells Sabrina that her father actually abolished the Feast of Feasts because he believed it was cruel, but Father Blackwood brought it back. This is all the support she needs to barge into the ceremony and volunteer herself in Zelda’s place. If Zelda really does believe it’s the Dark Lord’s bidding, she should have no problem letting Sabrina take her place. Right?
Reluctantly, Zelda steps down, but it doesn’t matter anyways, because Prudence is chosen to be the sacrifice.This now means that everyone must be at her beck and call until the feast. Sabrina bathes her, houses her, and even walks in on her having an orgy with Agatha, Dorcus, Ambrose, and Nicholas, to name a few.
In an effort to change her mind, Sabrina brings Prudence to school, where she becomes immediately suspicious of Harvey. She knows that last name — Kinkle — and what that family did to witches. They must kill him, Prudence insists, but Miss Wardwell interrupts.
In an effort to show Prudence the mistake she’s making by sacrificing herself, Miss Wardwell introduces her, Sabrina, Agatha, and Dorcus to Dezmelda, an old witch who turned down the crown after the High Priest wanted to have sex with her as part of the ceremony. Prudence insists this is different, but they’re interrupted by a gun shot.
Harvey and his family are out hunting as is their family Thanksgiving tradition. They’re hunting animals, not witches, but as the witches hide in plain site, it doesn’t stop Harvey from looking menacing with a gun in his hands.
“Once a hunter always a hunter,” Prudence says.
When Sabrina returns, however, Harvey is waiting for her, and confesses how much he hated hunting. Sabrina is relieved, she knew he was nothing like his family — but he must go. Lady Blackwood is getting a check up before the last supper that night, and in her hysteria she reveals her suspicions about Prudence. After taking a bite of Hilda’s Truth Cake that night, all is revealed: Lady Blackwood cast a spell so Prudence would be picked, because she knows Prudence is actually the daughter of Father Blackwood. She wanted Prudence out of the way so her children could live life unthreatened. This is news to almost everyone at the table, and Sabrina promises it will stay at the table as long as Father Blackwood cancels the Feast of Feast tradition.
He begins to do just that that night, but another witch, driven mad with hunger and zealous devotion, kills herself in Prudence’s place. They feast on her instead.
And that’s not the only blood being shed that week. The next morning, Agatha and Dorcus are plotting revenge for what they learned in the woods. As the episode closes, two voodoo dolls are placed on the ground, and look suspiciously like Harvey and his brother. In Agatha and Dorcus’s hands? Two big rocks.
In Salem’s words…
Episode 8
It took eight episodes, but finally, some good new for Ambrose. Luke has a connection to the High Priest that could be a promising way to get Ambrose’s sentence overturned. Before anything can be negotiated, however, Zelda receives a call about a huge accident at the mines. Sabrina runs there to find that Harvey is safe, but that his brother, Tommy, still hasn’t made it out. Nobody is small enough to fit through the debris the find the bodies — except Susie, who follows the demands of her ghost ancestor Dorothea and crawls in. She returns with only Tommy’s broken, bloody hat, and Harvey’s dad says they’ll have to wait until tomorrow to keep looking.
However, Ambrose has somber news. When Sabrina returns home, he explains that Zelda helped him astral project into the mines, and there were no survivors. But they cannot interfere in mortal affairs despite this knowledge.
Turns out, however, they don’t have to. Desperate for an insurance check, Harvey’s father calls of the search and Tommy is assumed dead. The funeral is the next day, but Sabrina won’t give up that fast. She asks Hilda about her ability to resurrect herself, and Hilda says it’s all thanks to a grave called the Cain Grave in their front yard. No matter how many times Zelda kills Hilda, as long as Hilda is buried in that grave, she can come back. Hilda warns, however, that it cannot be used on mortals, so whatever Sabrina is scheming should be put to bed.
At the funeral, Harvey and his father get into an argument about his parenting. Harvey says Tommy only stayed and worked in the mines because his father wanted him to, that he could have had a promising future at Northwestern. The two get physical, knocking the empty coffin to the ground, and Tommy’s hat topples out. In the midst of the chaos, Rosalind picks up the hat, and it clearly brings some vision to mind.
Hilda was a dead end, so Sabrina decides to approach Miss Wardwell about the concept of resurrection. Miss Wardwell says it’s dark and dangerous and that Sabrina shouldn’t go anywhere near it, but if she does, she lets slip that she keeps the incantation in a book in her office. A warning, however: Resurrection is an eye for an eye. If Sabrina wants to bring Tommy back, she must kill someone in his place.
Speaking of witch community no-nos, Father Blackwood visits Ambrose to inquire about his sentence. His record was spotless before he decided to blow up the Vatican, and Ambrose says it’s because he blindly followed a father figure. When he was caught, he was offered the chance to give the names of his co-conspirators in exchange for immunity, but he declined. Blackwood says the offer still stands, and gives him some time to think about it.
On his way out, Zelda stops him to confess, but Blackwood has his own issues to get off his chest. After revealing that his wife has not had sex with him since her pregnancy, the two decided to get it on in front of the fireplace.
Ros comes to Sabrina to tell her what she saw in her vision: two woman playing with dolls. Immediately, Sabrina realizes this is two of the sisters’ doing, and summons Prudence for answers. Prudence, livid that Agatha and Dorcus would conspire without her, agrees to participate in Sabrina’s resurrection plans. They’ll sacrifice Agatha to bring back Tommy, and Nicholas says he’ll watch.
After sneaking the Book of the Dead from Miss Wardwell’s office, the group heads to the woods and carries out the three steps of the spell, ending with Sabrina slitting Agatha’s throat. She’s dead for thirteen minutes, just enough time for her life to fully leave, before she’s brought back in the Cain Grave. Now they must wait thirteen hours to see if Tommy returns.
When Father Blackwood comes back, Ambrose says he still won’t give names. Blackwood is impressed by Ambrose’s loyalty, and offers a deal. They can work on lessening the sentence if Ambrose comes to work for him at the Academy. He readily agrees.
Once again, Zelda pulls Blackwood aside, and reveals the news that his wife is pregnant with twin sons. She also attempts to seduce him again, but Blackwood says instead they must both suffer 30 lashes — sorry, 30 sexy lashes
Over with Sabrina, the thirteen hours are up, and Tommy hasn’t manifested in the woods. But Ambrose explains that instead, Tommy would resurrect in the mines where his body last was. Sabrina runs to the mines, but it’s too late. Something has already gotten out — and it’s thumping at Harvey’s door.
In Salem’s words…
Episode 9
Yes, Tommy is back, but it’s not what you think. When Sabrina comes to visit, she’s not allowed to see him, and Harvey explains that he’s not speaking or eating, but he’s optimistic he’ll come round. Sabrina tries to relay this same optimism to Ambrose, but Ambrose knows something’s fishy. Over at the Academy, Agatha is coughing up dirt. Something has gone very wrong.
For Zelda, however, things are going extremely right. Not only did she just go to sexy-town with Father Blackwood, but he’s asked her both to be his children’s godmother and to take over Lady Blackwood’s classes at the Academy. Zelda readily accepts, one step closer to the life she’s always wanted.
That night, Rosalind’s dreams reflects the troubled reality. She says she had a vision of dogs eating Tommy’s body, and Sabrina admits that something might be wrong with him. Rosalind agrees to be taken to Tommy and see if her new cunning powers will reveal the truth.
At the Academy, Ambrose has his first day. He’s given a mouse familiar and some space to hook up with Luke, but he’s interrupted by Prudence, Dorcus, and Nicholas. They explain that Agatha is getting sicker by the day, and Ambrose realizes it’s time to tell Hilda.
After all, Hilda is an expert on the Cain Grave, and after inspecting Agatha, determines that she’s simply been resurrected too quickly. However, privately with Ambrose, she reveals things are much more dire. This is happening because the balance is off. The earth is owed a dead body that Sabrina took from it.
And to what end? Because when Rosalind touches Tommy, she’s taken into a foggy no man’s land where Tommy is wandering, lost, and a baby is crying. She also sees another decaying human, but refrains from explaining that part ot Sabrina. It’s still enough information for Sabrina to determine that Tommy’s soul is in limbo, which means it’s only his body that’s up on earth. All she has to do is bring his soul back, but Hilda, livid at Sabrina going behind her back, says no.
It’s a big night for secrets, because over in Susie’s room, Dorothea drops the bomb that the Spellmans are witches — which means Sabrina is a witch too.
Everything comes to a head when Agatha collapses in front of Father Blackwood and Zelda. The truth of the resurrection has been released, and they must right the natural order. Zelda insists that she will kill Tommy’s resurrected body since Sabrina got them in this mess, and she sets off. However, per Father Blackwood’s instructions, Agatha and Dorcus are close behind.
Sabrina tries one more time to convince the family to help her retrieve Tommy’s soul, but she’s in hot water with all of them. Instead, she enlists Miss Wardwell, and they go it alone. Connected only by a piece of string, Sabrina ventures into limbo and ends up face to face with her own mother. Her mother is distressed, even more when she hears that the Soul-Eater is near. Sabrina must find Tommy before they’re attacked, and she does. However, the Soul-Eater captures Tommy on their way out.
All of Sabrina’s mortal ties are slowly snapping. Rosalind and Susie both confess to thinking Sabrina is a witch, and wonder if she might be dangerous. As for Harvey, Sabrina comes clean about everything — her true identity, the resurrection, and its failure — and he knows what he has to do. He sends Sabrina away with the promise that they cannot speak for some time. As she leaves, a gunshot is heard. Harvey killed his brother himself.
In Salem’s words…
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Episode 10
While we’ve been watching Sabrina’s witch journey for almost ten episodes now, you could say it’s not until this night that she becomes who she truly is. It begins with the 16-year-old distraught in bed, but Zelda convinces her to go to school and face Harvey. While she can’t quite do that, she does face Rosalind and Susie — and tells them everything.
Miss Wardwell had hoped that Sabrina’s true identity would scare away her friends, but Rosalind and Susie rally behind her. There’s only one option left, and if the Church of Night believed in Hail Marys, this would be it. Miss Wardwell sacrifices a mortal virgin football player to summon the Greendale Thirteen, the thirteen witches who were hung by mortals back during the Witch Hunts. They’re ready to seek revenge, and Miss Wardwell certainly won’t stand in their way.
All hell, quite literally, breaks loose. It’s more than just a chill in the air — the statue in The Academy starts bleeding, and Ambrose and Luke spot the Greendale Thirteen in a summoning circle in the woods. Upon closer inspection, they’re summoning the Red Angel Of Death.
But Sabrina has her own issues. She finally approaches Harvey in the library. He tells her that he told his father that Tommy shot himself, and that so much about their relationship makes sense now that he knows the truth. While he doesn’t hate her, he can never look at her again without thinking of his brother. Before Sabrina can reply, Hilda appears. There’s an emergency meeting at the Church Of Night.
Father Blackwood believes all signs points to a punishment from the Dark Lord, but Ambrose bursts in with the truth. The Angel Of Death is coming and will kill all first borns, witch or mortal. The coven can find safety in the halls of the Academy, as for mortals? Zelda has a plan.
Back at the Spellman house, her aunts explain that the Greendale Thirteen were witches who their coven allowed to hang to quell the rise of mortal’s bloodlust for witches in Greendale. So, basically, they have beef with all of Greendale, no matter their magical ability. Zelda, taking a page out of Sabrina’s book, thinks they should stay and protect the mortals who cannot protect themselves by gathering them all in the same place. Hilda remembers that the basement of Baxter High is a shelter for bad weather, so the family summons a tornado to herd the mortals there.
Well, not all the mortals. While the coven is at the Academy and her aunts at the school, Sabrina and Susie go in search of Harvey and Rosalind, who haven’t made it to the basement. However, both of them have their own reasons for their absence.
Harvey tells Sabrina that he doesn’t have any trust for witches right now, and won’t let them protect him. Sabrina taps Nicholas to protect Harvey in her place. As for Rosalind, her grandmother refuses to leave, and she can’t leave her alone. Susie decides to stay with them both.
Zelda herself gets pulled away when Lady Blackwood goes into labor, and then Ambrose is teleported by Luke into the Academy because he loves him.
That’s all very sweet, but this leaves Hilda and Sabrina alone to protect the school from the Greendale Thirteen and the Read Angel of Death. Sorry, make that Hilda alone, because Miss Wardwell says there’s only one way Sabrina can save Greendale, and it’s in the woods.
Specifically, it’s the Book of the Beast. If Sabrina wants the power to take down the witches, she has to fully sign her name and accept the Path of Night. After a series of flashbacks, she does. She’s a full-blown member of the coven, and must rise to the occasion. Remember Sabrina’s vision in the Malum Malus? Witches hanging from a tree on fire? That’s the clue she needs. Miss Wardwell takes her to the tree and tells Sabrina she must summon the witches.
That’s not all. She needs to use all her power and rage to summon hellfire when they get there, and she does. She lights them all on fire with her powers, and burns down the tree. The Angel of Death disappears.
Unfortunately, there would still be a death in Greendale that night. Lady Blackwood died in childbirth, and Zelda informs Father Blackwood that one of the twins absorbed the other, leaving him with one ultimate male heir.
But she was lying. As Hilda gets back from the high school — after sharing a kiss with Dr. Cerberus, whose eyes glowed worryingly red — Zelda tells her that she took Blackwood’s first born, a baby girl, because she was worried he would reject her because of her sex. She wants the two of them to raise the girl together, like they did with Sabrina, but Hilda has an announcement: She’s moving out.
Before the night is over, Sabrina has one last stop. She and her new platinum hair appear at Harvey’s window, and she delivers a final, heartfelt apology for the pain she inflicted. Harvey suggest they start over with no secrets, but Sabrina is pretty sure she has to stay away from mortals for a while. The night’s events touched something dark inside of her, and she doesn’t want to hurt them anymore. With one last kiss, she disappears.
As for Miss Wardwell, she may have achieved her goal of delivering Sabrina to the Dark Lord, but her journey is far from over. As she tells Principal Hawthorn, who she has bound and gagged in her chair, the next step is for Sabrina to replace her as Satan’s foot soldier so Miss Wardwell can become her true passion, the Queen Of Hell. She devours Hawthorne, and her bird as well.
There’s a lot more ahead for Sabrina, and luckily a second season guaranteed to show us it. For now, Sabrina leaves us with a wink, and a whole lot more debauchery to look forward to.
In Salem’s words…
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