What Hogwarts House Would Emma Watson's Rumored New Boo Be In?

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Has Harry Potter alum Emma Watson been bewitched by a new boo? According to People, the answer is yes. Per the report, Watson is dating businessman Brendan Wallace, which means we have only one real question that matters: What Hogwarts house does he belong in?
Look, I understand that identifying as a Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, or (far superior to all the rest) Hufflepuff is not necessarily an accurate summation of one's personality, but that hasn't stopped us all from secretly categorizing the people in our lives into these four quadrants. (Come on. It can't just be me who does this?)
Though Watson portrayed Hermione Granger — a certified Gryffindor — I think it's safe to say that the brainy Brown alum and activist is a Ravenclaw.
What about her alleged new boyfriend, though? First, some background.
Wallace, a Los Angeles resident who hails from NYC, has a total business brain: The 37-year-old is co-founder and managing partner at Fifth Wall Ventures, a venture capital fund. The company has invested in everything from ride share apps to coffee companies.
One could interpret this (admittedly very little) info about Wallace as Slytherin-like. After all, it takes quite the ambitious person to climb the corporate ladder to the top — which Wallace has done before the age of 40. Sure, the house may be known for some Dark Wizards, but it's also a breeding ground for leaders.
Then again, his high-achieving doesn't necessarily mean he's hanging out with Ariana Grande in the house of Slytherin. Wallace is also, apparently, quite the brainiac: Like Watson, he's an Ivy League grad who earned his B.A. from Princeton University in 2004. He also scored an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business in 2010. Could all those hours of studying put him squarely on #TeamRavenclaw?
I'm convinced, considering the mogul also tweets about Ted Talks and Wall Street Journal articles on the reg.
He even used the words "fascinating read" in one tweet, which is perhaps the most Ravenclaw thing ever.
So has Watson met her Ravenclaw match? TBD, but Wallace definitely does not need to tweet his Pottermore quiz results for us to know the truth.
Refinery29 has reached out to Watson for comment.

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