Everything That Making A Murderer Disproved In Season 2

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Making A Murderer Part Two arrives today (one of Netflix's many, many premieres) with another ten episodes that take a careful, patient look at the case of Steven Avery. In December 2015, Netflix released the first 10 episodes of Moira Demos' and Laura Ricciardi's docuseries, one of the first major drops from the streaming site. Each episode meticulously recounted the many trials of Avery, which have lasted for years. The trials eventually wrapped Brendan Dassey into its lair, entrapping him in a life sentence with the possibility for early release in 2048. By the end of season 1, Making a Murderer had a lot left to discuss. Including: did Manitowoc County actually make a murderer of Steven Avery?
The second season picks up years after the first left off — remember, this is a post-conviction trial, where time isn't really of the essence. But both Avery and Dassey are still looking for exoneration, and there are two teams of lawyers looking to get that done. Leading Avery's post conviction team is Kathleen Zellner, a lawyer known for proving clients innocent. Leading Dassey's are the lawyers Steven Drizin and Laura Nirider, the same two lawyers who appeared in the latter episodes of season 1.
For the sake of enjoyably bingeing the series, we'll be giving a brief rundown of each season 2 episode, including exactly what the episode uncovered and who the episode focused on. Ahead, the ten episodes of Making a Murderer season 2 — and what they mean for Steven Avery.
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