Meet The Cast Of Made In Mexico, Your Next Reality TV Obsession

Are you entirely keeping up with the Kardashians? Have you conquered all of the Real Housewives franchises on Bravo? Do you keep a roster of GIFs from reality TV ready to deploy at any time?
If any of these ring true – or if you simply want a brief new obsession — then Made in Mexico, a reality TV show premiering on Netflix on Friday, September 28, is for you. Made in Mexico is structured around a familiar reality TV template. Just as Southern Charm follows the young and beautiful elite of Charleston, and The Hills follows the young and beautiful elite of Los Angeles, Made in Mexico centers on nine young and beautiful people living in Mexico City.
By the first episode, you'll already have picked up on Mexican slang, chosen your favorite cast member, and witnessed one of the all-time greatest moments of reality TV (it involves a drunken bull fight). For now, meet the nine cast-members of Made in Mexico.
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Kitzia Mitre Jimenez-O'farrill
Instagram Handle: @kitziamitre

What's Her Deal? If you've ever read the Mexico City society pages, you've probably encountered Kitzia Mitre's name. As the great-granddaughter of Gustavo Baz Prada, a Mexican revolutionary-turned-politician, Mitre's from Mexican royalty, more or less. She studied fashion design and works as a designer.

Who Her Partner Is: In 2013, Kitzia married Pedro Checa in a ceremony attended by more than 1000 people. Her major life events are often covered by the press — her wedding photos were published on, and her son's baptism photos were published on Clase. Here's what her dress looked like.

What We Learned From Her Instagram: She has a horse, a dog, a pony, and two llamas (an article has been written about her stable of pets), she's getting her Master's in Humanities, and she spends a lot of time in Miami.
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Columba "Colu" Diaz
Instagram Handle: @coludiaz

What's Her Deal? Columba is a 24-year-old Mexican model. She and Kitzia go way back — Kitzia once designed clothes for her. She's the star.

Who Her Partner Is: Colu is single, though Kitzia wants to set her up with her brother-in-law, Roby. But she also likes Pepe Díaz, one of the other contestants. Let the love triangles begin.

What We Learned From Her Instagram: She has a dachshund named Rafaela, she's a Libra, she used to have magenta hair and periwinkle hair.
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Roby Checa
Instagram Handle: @robycheca

What's His Deal? Roby is the younger brother of Pedro Checa, Kitzia's husband.

Who His Partner Is: Roby is single, though he seems to be dating Columba Diaz. He has a son from a previous relationship and is the godfather to Kitzia and Pedro's son.

What We Learned From His Instagram: He likes starting captions with inspirational quotes, he's on the other side of a fitness transformation, and he refers to Time Square's Naked Cowboy as his #newbestfriend and #hero.
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Shanik Aspe
Instagram Handle: @shanik_aspe

What's Her Deal? Shanik Aspe is a TV personality with dreams of pop stardom.

Who Her Partner Is: Mauricio Odilardi, an attorney. Check out their Mexico City wedding here.

What We Learned From Her Instagram: It seems as if her dream's coming true – she's performing. She also went ice-skating with her fellow cast-member Hanna Jaff, giving us another relationship to track during the show's progression.
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Liz Woodburn
Instagram Handle: @felizfoodie and @lizwoodburn

What's Her Deal? Liz Woodburn is a Chilean-American food blogger. After eight years living in New York, she followed her fiancé, Carlos Olson, to his Mexico City home.

Who Her Partner Is: Woodburn married Carlos Olson in September 2018. Olson works in real estate.

What We Learned From Her Instagram: She has an objectively amazing puppy and celebrated the Day of the Dead with Kitzia Mitre and Colu Diaz, her Made in Mexico cast-mates.
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Chantal Trujillo
Instagram Handle: @chantaltrue

What's Her Deal? Chantal Trujillo grew up in San Diego, California. She worked for Vogue as a Jewelry Market Assistant. When she was 25, she was on season 2 of the E! show House of DVF, where she competed against other young women to be the next global ambassador for Diane Von Furstenberg.

Who Her Partner Is: Trujillo has been dating Fede Alvarez for five years.

What We Learned From Her Instagram: She's a full fledged influencer/sponcon queen.
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Hanna Jaff
Instagram Handle: @hannajaff

What's Her Deal? Like Chantal Trujillo, Hanna Jaff was born in San Diego. Growing up, she split her time between San Diego and Tijuana, though her father is Kurdish and from the Jaff tribe. Jaff is a politician, philanthropist, and runs the Jaff Foundation.

Who Her Partner Is: It doesn't appear that Jaff is dating anyone.

What We Learned From Her Instagram: She travels for humanitarian work with the Jaff Foundation, she went to Moscow for the World Cup, she's been to over 58 countries, and she's been on the cover of a magazine.
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Carlos Girón Longoria
Instagram Handle: @carlosgironl

What's His Deal? Carlos Longoria is the focal point of Made in Mexico – all of the other cast members know him. Longoria is a TV personality, actor, and model. He's on the telenovela Corona de Lagrimas.

Who His Partner Is: It seems that Longoria is single.

What We Learned From His Instagram: He's been known to grow out his beard.
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Pepe Díaz
Instagram Handle: @pepediago

What's His Deal? If the other people in Made in Mexico are going out on a Friday night, it's likely at one of Pepe Díaz' clubs or restaurants, which are located throughout Mexico. Previously, Díaz was on the Mexican survival reality TV show La Isla.

Who His Partner Is: Díaz dated the actress Eiza Gonzalez, who also recently dated Josh Duhamel.

What We Learned From His Instagram: He went to Burning Man (of course) and Moscow for the World Cup, and he has interesting DJ outfits,

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