What Ivanka Did This Week: Spacing Out & Complaining About Kavanaugh

What Ivanka Did This Week is a weekly column that explores what Ivanka Trump, first daughter and adviser to President Donald Trump, does all day.

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Ivanka's schedule has not been made public, so each week, we will do our best to cover the public events and forums she attends, the meetings she has with lawmakers and government officials, and her social media presence.
Monday, September 17
• Ivanka participated in the inaugural meeting of the President’s National Council for the American Worker (transcript here). The initiative focuses on "reskilling" over 4.3 million workers and offering them new jobs. "[S]ome of the best examples we’ve seen is when the employers reach into the vocational schools and reach into the high schools, and develop curriculums and then employ the student right on the other end," she said, adding that she wants to make sure "every dollar that’s spent of taxpayer money" on workforce initiatives is actually going toward training people and getting them jobs.
Tuesday, September 18
• Ivanka wished the U.S. Air Force a happy 71st birthday.
Wednesday, September 19
• Unlike her father, Ivanka detests conflict. That's why she's reportedly been telling him to drop embattled Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, who has been accused of sexual assault, behind the scenes. Increasingly worried about impeachment, Ivanka seems to be trying to play nice with Democrats. Her dad, however, doesn't appear to be listening: On Friday morning, he cast doubt on Dr. Christine Blasey Ford's allegations against Kavanaugh.
Thursday, September 20
• Her tweets about the "BOOMING" economy are starting to sound like the slogans on government-propaganda posters...
• It's announced that Ivanka will speak at the 2018 Concordia Annual Summit in New York City, which will take place during the 73rd session of the United Nations General Assembly. Aimed at discussing "pressing global issues," the summit will also include Jennifer Lawrence, Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao, among others.
• In what was undoubtedly the highlight of Ivanka's week, she visited the NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston for yet another photo op and got to live out her astronaut dreams. "I always wanted to be an astronaut!" she told the International Space Station crew. Sen. Ted Cruz was there, too.
Ivanka toured a full-sized replica of the International Space Station, met some high schoolers who "will bring us back to the moon," and high-fived a space suit. Moon emojis abounded.
• Ivanka exchanged pleasantries with Russian cosmonaut Oleg Artemyev, who said, "Ivanka, I think you very kind and nice person. When I see you on TV and the news, my mood improves and rises." Ivanka laughed and responded, "That's very kind of you to say! Thank you so much!"
• Ivanka congratulated Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe on his reelection.
Friday, September 21
• On Friday, Ivanka is scheduled to attend a GOP fundraiser in Dallas for which ticket prices range from $2,500 per person to $50,000 per couple.
• She's also planning to visit a Walmart in the Dallas suburbs to see how the company trains its workers.

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