Tarte Just Launched Flamingo Makeup Brushes — & You Have To See Them

We thought we'd hit our peak when makeup brushes started to resemble mermaid tails and unicorn horns. But, who were we kidding? No real or imagined creature gets left behind in the beauty world — and the latest one to take the spotlight? Our friend, the flamingo.
The animal has a starring role in Tarte Cosmetics 2018 holiday collection, which is really more about being "on holiday" than anything else. The flamingo- and pineapple-themed palettes, products, and tools are bright, fun, and everything you need to escape from snow boots and dry indoor heat and into a world of Mai-Tais and poolside massages.
You won't have to endure the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping either, because you can purchase the tropical-themed set now on tarte.com. Check out all the cute products, ahead.

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