Allow Noah Cyrus's Fans To Break Down The Noah Cyrus v. Lil Xan Breakup

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Sunday night, Noah Cyrus tweeted simply "confused and concerned," a tweet that will stand for all of us in relation to Cyrus and her erstwhile boyfriend Lil Xan, née Diego Leanos. As of late August, Leanos, 21, and Cyrus, 18, were deep in the throes of a relationship. They appeared on the VMAs red carpet together gushing about each other. Leanos said he calls Cyrus "koko nono" because she's like a koala who likes to cuddle. Cyrus said her parents, Tish and Billy Ray Cyrus, were obsessed with Leanos. Not a week later, they broke up due to a confusing set of circumstances involving Charlie Puth, an alleged hickey, and a musician named Ookay.
Cyrus took to Instagram Monday night to tell her fans exactly what happened from her perspective. Clearly, she's upset. For her fans, though, the situation is more complicated.
"The Noah fan base didn't really like Xan," the person behind @Cyrusfamilyrares, a Cyrus family fan account, told Refinery29. Mostly, they said, the fan base supported the relationship because Cyrus herself seemed happy. "They'd post pics of them and stuff but only because Noah said she was happy," they added. (For the purposes of this story, the people behind these fan accounts will remain anonymous.)
Fans of the "Stay Together"singer were also suspicious of Leanos' actions during the couple's month-long relationship. @Cyrusfamilyrares says that Leanos gave Cyrus the same bracelet that he'd allegedly previously given Leanos' ex-girlfriend, a gold bangle that looks like the one Cyrus wore at the VMAs. Representation for Cyrus and Leanos did not immediately respond to requests for comment.
"I did not like Xan," @Cyrusfamilyrares says, adding that "many Xan, Miley and Noah fans tried to warn her." The perils of being a fan, though, are that you can't seem too unsupportive. A warning can come off like a diss, and that could get you blocked. In the words of @Cyrusfamilyrares: "You don't want to seem like a hater."
As for the authenticity of the relationship, most of Cyrus' fans think it was real.
"I thought the relationship was promo at first just because [Leanos] was such a player but I don't think it was now because if it was, why break up a day before the release," the account @Noahscyrusnews tells Refinery29. @Noahcyrusnews recently set up a Twitter poll asking followers if they thought the relationship was fake. The majority of voters think it was real, too.
"I think the relationship was real," adds @Cyrusfamilyrares. "You can see it in her eyes. She was genuinely the happiest shes been in months. She was interacting with fans, liking/commenting/dming. Her heart was full of love."
The Instagram account @noahanddiego first shared a photo of Cyrus and Leanos on July 30. The handle's owner tells Refinery29 that they supported the relationship 100% — that's why they made a fan account. These days, though, they're on Cyrus' side.
"Their love had seemed so genuine to me even though a lot of people had thought it was for publicity from the beginning," @noahanddiego admits. They claim that the two fanbases — Cyrus' and Leanos' — didn't like each other. "I think it was because they are both two completely different people/artists and the two fanbases didn't know how to accept their relationship...I've seen a lot of fans from both fanbases speaking negatively on both of them throughout the relationship." Refinery29 has reached out to Lil Xan fans regarding this, er, schism.
Cyrus has consistency on her side. More than one of the fan accounts who spoke to Refinery29 mentioned that she's kept her breakup story straight. Leanos, meanwhile, said first that he thought Cyrus was cheating with a possibly engaged EDM producer Ookay (née Abraham 'Abe' Laguna). Then, he said the relationship was fake. "[The photo] wasn't proof because Ookay is 26. Noah is 18. That is a big age gap and [Ookay] is engaged," @Cyrusfamilyrares said, pointing out that Leanos also claimed on Instagram live that Cyrus was too much of a strain on his schedule.
The Instagram account @Noahcyruspics thinks that Leanos simply got overwhelmed by it all. And it had been overwhelming — in just a few weeks, Cyrus and Leanos became the focus of a pop culture-starved Twitter hungry for another fun celebrity relationship.
"I think Diego got what he wanted out of her and then realized the fame life wasn't for him," @Noahcyruspics says. "[He] eventually resorted back [to] his unfaithful ways, the same ways that were in front of her face the whole time."
This account, which is followed by one Tish Cyrus, thinks the cheating allegation is murky. They point out: "There [are] three sides to every story. Hers, his, and the truth."

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