Noah Cyrus Opens Up About How Her Anxiety Inspired Her New "Emo" Music

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"Stay Together" singer Noah Cyrus has opened up about the impact her mental health battle has had on her new music.
In an interview with L'Officiel USA, Cyrus revealed that though the more "emo" sound of her new EP was likely inspired by her Metro Station star brother Trace Cyrus, it was her battle with anxiety and depression that provided the subject matter. She told the outlet:
"This EP is mostly just about how my emotions have been, and about my anxiety, and about how I’ve been struggling with depression, and how it’s okay to feel those feelings."
Cyrus also admitted that negative comments exasperated her anxiety.
"A lot of people like to judge you, and make fun of you on the Internet, and people make you feel crazy whenever you’re in a depression or having anxiety or having a panic attack," she told L'Officiel USA. "It’s about that and being sad and having your emotions and not being able to ignore the feelings you’re having."
This isn't the first time that the singer has revealed social media-related stress. Cyrus previously told Refinery29 that haters on Instagram caused her a lot of pain.
"[Negative comments on Instagram] were really affecting me. Like, really bad," Cyrus told Refinery29 during a 2017 session at the TuneIn studios in Venice, California. "I was getting really depressed from them, and hurt, and would cry for hours over things. It was killing me every time I read something slightly hurtful, and I just couldn't take it anymore."
One personal song that Cyrus is adding to her music catalog is her collaboration with boyfriend Lil Xan (real name: Diego Leanos). Their song "Live or Die" dropped Monday, the same day that the couple went red carpet official at the MTV Video Music Awards.
If the haters online get Cyrus down, Lil Xan lifts her up.
"He’s the sweetest ever and treats me like a princess, and when I’m hungry, he gets me chicken nuggets," Cyrus told Billboard on the VMAs red carpet. "He tells me I’m beautiful like every five seconds of the day and he’s the sweetest ever."
Cyrus will headline her Good Cry Tour beginning this fall. Her new album is set to debut this year.
If you are experiencing anxiety and are in need of crisis support, please call the Crisis Call Center’s 24-hour hotline at 1-775-784-8090.
If you are experiencing depression and need support, please call the National Depressive/Manic-Depressive Association Hotline at 1-800-826-3632 or the Crisis Call Center’s 24-hour hotline at 1-775-784-8090.

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