American Vandal Is Back & Asking: Who Is The Turd Burglar?

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
It feels like there are simply too many shows on television right now, but there is only one American Vandal. The true crime mockumentary series slowly took over Netflix user's streaming queues despite the absolutely outrageous plot line, and the potentially idiotic premise. Centered around a group of high school students trying to solve the town's biggest crime à la Making A Murderer, season 1 had us all wondering: Who drew the dicks? And now, we finally know what shocking crime and mystery the crew is trying to uncover in season 2: Who is the Turd Burglar?
Now! Before you stop reading and get to the hilariously spot-on trailer, remember this: the show's been nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Writing for a Limited Series. Also, it's good.
From the trailer, season 2 on one man, the Turd Burglar, who tainted a Catholic school's (possibly a nod to the arresting The Keepers) lemonade supply (sound familiar, Wild, Wild Country fans?) causing everyone to experience diarrhea. "Most of us just shit our pants right in front of everyone," one students tells the camera. The disturbing event was labeled "The Brownout." Fresh off the success of finding out who drew the dicks on every teacher's car in the high school parking lot (we all know it was Christa), Peter (Tyler Alvarez) and Sam (Griffin Gluck) are enlisted to help identify the man behind the poop.
As one student tells the camera, "It's poop. But it goes a lot deeper than that."
American Vandal returns Friday, September 14. Check out the full trailer below. Yes, there are a lot of poop emojis.
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