Chris Hemsworth, Sensitive Dad, Wears The Real Superhero Costume At Home

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Chris Hemsworth, international superstar and literal embodiment of an out-of-this-world superhero, plays his most favorite role at home, surrounded by his wife and three children.
Opening up in a candid profile with GQ, Hemsworth, 35, is downright charming when discussing fatherhood and his idyllic family life in Australia, where he lives with Elsa Pataky, his wife of eight years, and their kids, daughter India, 6, and twin sons, Tristan and Sasha, 4.
The feature opens with an anecdote of Hemsworth's proud achievement: winning the "dads race" during a field day at his daughter's school. “There was just this wave of nirvana,” Hemsworth says, adding, “I turn around, and I go, ‘Where's my daughter? Where is she?’ And she's like, ‘Dad, did you win?’ And I'm like, ‘Did I win? You didn't see it?!’ They gave me a sticker. A first-place sticker.” Hemsworth, he of Thor and Avengers fame, got a sticker!
The very next day, as Hemsworth prepared to leave for a shoot in London, his daughter's reaction to his impending absence casually ripped his heart out of his chest: “She's normally like, ‘Yeah, see you, Daddy. Cool.’ She was like, ‘Papa! Papa! Papa!’ She doesn't always call me Papa, either.” Hemsworth found the shirt he had been wearing the day before, with the first-place sticker still stuck on it, and offered it to her. “I wasn't, like, sobbing, but…” We're not crying, you're crying.
The future Men In Black actor and Pataky have welcomed the public into their home lives via social media, sharing intimate snapshots of their family and children, making sure to not show their children's faces whenever possible. “The exploitation is something I'm very wary of,” Hemsworth says to GQ. “We've been offered things, like ‘Advertise such-and-such and have dinner with your family.’ There's no way.” But with paparazzi, that is often taken out of their hands. During a recent outing, Hemsworth noticed the paps shooting away even as his son took off his bathing suit. “He's naked, and I look over, and they're still shooting,” Hemsworth says. “I ran over, and they knew. I just very pointedly and definitely said, ‘Don't you dare.’ I was close to destroying the camera.”
The protective father shares his much softer, sillier side in posts with his children, which more often than not feature a perfect sunset on a beach. Thor be damned, "Dad" is Hemsworth's best role yet.

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