Chris Hemsworth's Kids Actually Love Thor, According To This Photo

Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images.
If you're like us, you're still stressed about Thor losing his glorious straw-colored locks in Thor: Ragnarok, the newest Marvel Cinematic Universe film, and definitely its best yet. That's not a spoiler! Tons of press photos have shown our favorite God of Thunder with his new trendy pixie cut.
While we mourn a long-haired Hemsworth, let's enjoy a few cuteness overload feelings with a photo he just posted on his Instagram. Which includes long glorious hair.
In the image, Hemsworth is leading one of his three kids by the hand. Kid, or mini-me? The little Hemsworth is clearly going to join the family business of smashing monsters. They're both decked out in superhero costumes: Hemsworth in his Thor gear, and his kid in an extremely cute stars n' stripes cape. They're walking hand-in-hand around the movie set, which is a bunch of green screens. "The passing of the torch," Hemsworth writes.

The passing of the torch #thorragnarok

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This is the official proof that his kids like his job! In a previous interview with E! News, Hemsworth joked that his kids are "wildly unimpressed" with his acting career when he brought them onto the set. "They were like, 'This is so boring. We thought you fought monsters for a living and you don't."
We know that Hemsworth is just being funny, and frankly, one of the best reasons to run, not walk, to the theater to see Thor: Ragnarok is because it's hilarious. Hemsworth credits his comedic chops to his time working with the women-fronted cast of Ghostbusters. "It was a bit of encouragement for this film and what we could do, and experiment — a lot more with improvisation. I credit Ghostbusters, Saturday Night Live, Vacation as sort of a lead-up to [Thor: Ragnarok]."
Don't worry, Chris Hemsworth. When your kids become teens, they'll think you're the lamest person on the planet, no matter how many Avengers sequels you star in.
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