From Snarky To Adorable, These Weather Apps Deliver Your Forecast With Flair

Photographed by Meg O'donnell.
Few apps can create as much joy, appreciation, and, in some cases, frustration as those that fall within the Apple App Store's "weather" category.
Apple's own pre-installed weather app covers the basics, but it's clear that users are looking for more. If you look at the reviews for some of the most popular weather apps, from the sassiness of Carrot to the personalization of Brella, you'll find that users aren't just satisfied with an accurate forecast: They're thrilled with the beautiful layouts and features that go beyond simply predicting when it's going to rain next.
Today's weather apps can tell you what to wear, how bad your allergies might be that day, how much sunscreen you should plan on putting on, and whether you should leave the apartment with an umbrella. The best ones usually offer something a little extra. Ahead, a look at the best weather apps and how to determine which one is right for you.

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