Is Becca Wishing She Kept This Guy Now That It's Down To The Final 2?

Photo: Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images.
The first night of The Bachelor/Bachelorette is always the most telling. The show’s lead is basking in the glow of being the center of attention, the contestants are bundles of nerves, and everyone's watching to see who’ll get the first impression rose. When Wills strode out of the limo to met Becca, he called himself a closet nerd — to which Becca happily replied, “I’m a closet nerd too!” As time went on, Wills shared his Harry Potter tattoo — script text that reads “Expecto Patronus” — which Becca adored, and the the two seemingly kindled their love like a Lumos spell. That is, until she sent Wills and his printed suits packing. But is Becca, like of all us, missing her favorite fashionable nerd?
The Bachelorette finale is down to two men: Blake and Garrett, both of whom are decidedly not sporting Harry Potter ink. While teasing the finale, Becca posted a photo of herself on Instagram, captioning the image: “Just awaiting my Jon Snow to bend the knee.” Becca hasn’t referenced any pop culture on the show outside of her common dorky loves with Wills — is she doing the same thing here, too? Could Becca be subtly shouting out Wills with a Game of Thrones reference?
Becca and Wills had obvious chemistry. She seemed to enjoy his cool, collected approach to household drama, as well as his innate charm and openness. Wills fell hard for Becca, telling her that she makes him “believe in being a really great man.” We were all crushed when Becca sent Wills home, and her subsequent tears at their breakup shows that she was equally bummed with her difficult decision.
Still, as the finale rolls around, we’re wondering if Becca isn’t thinking about Wills, even a little bit. It’s natural to miss an ex, and Willis was especially irresistible. After all, Blake and Garrett may both have Becca’s heart, but we doubt any of them could “‘Sup, baby?” with Wills' icy smile.

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