Fly Across The Country For $20 With This Airline Deal

Photo: Getty Images.
If you wanted to take a summer vacation, but simply haven't gotten around to planning it, all faith is not lost. Right now, Frontier Airlines is holding a quick sale with one-way flights across the United States going for as low as $20. If you've been procrastinating putting together that summer getaway, this sale is ideal because it's valid for travel between August 14 and November 14. That means a late summer or fall vacation for cheap.
Frontier's current sale includes one-way flights to spots all over the country that are prime for any kind of vacation you might be looking for. According to Thrillist, Frontier's Discount Den members can find one-way tickets to cities like Cincinnati, Atlanta, San Antonio, and more for just $20. Or, they can head to beach-y regions like Jacksonville or Fort Myers for $24 and $39, respectively.
For those who aren't Discount Den members, however, the deals are just as plentiful. Without the membership, airfare starts as low as $29. Fly to Austin for $34, and use the money you saved to try out all the food trucks rolling around the city. Or, visit Philadelphia for $39 to see its historic sites.
With these prices, you might actually be happy you procrastinated organizing this summer's trip. To take advantage of the flight deals, book by midnight tonight. Seriously, book now, plan later.

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