Tiffany Haddish Is Adamant Her Nipples Won't Appear On-Screen — Unless The Pay's Worth It

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Tiffany Haddish may have been game to hilariously demonstrate the grapefruit method in Girls Trip, but don’t expect to see her in a full-blown sex scene anytime soon.
The comedian and actress, who appears on the cover of The Hollywood Reporter’s first comedy issue, revealed that while she may talk about sex a lot, nudity is completely off the table for now.
“I’m a comedian. I’ve never seen Lucille Ball get bare-ass naked. I never seen Carol Burnett have to get naked. I never seen Whoopi Goldberg’s booty naked. Tina Fey? Nope. I’ve seen her appear to be naked, but we never seen her nipples,” Haddish said in explanation of her decision.
Speaking of her nipples, Haddish was supposed to show hers in Girls Trip, but immediately vetoed that decision. “They really wanted me to show my actual breasts and I told them straight up, ‘I'm not gonna do it,’” she said. “I got paid the least amount of money outta everybody in the movie and I'm a 31A, I don't have no boobies. So, I will not show these nipples unless I'm getting paid what Queen Latifah gettin' paid. Otherwise, you gonna have to get some pasties.'”
So, that’s exactly what production did. When Haddish’s wild character Dina flashed Diddy during a concert scene, a set of sparkly pasties were on full display.
Haddish is all about getting paid what she wants and deserves. In the interview she also went on to reveal that she FaceTimes with Taylor Swift, the origin of her “she ready” catchphrase, and how she’d be game to host the Oscars one day just so long as the Academy cuts a lofty check. At last year’s Academy Awards, Haddish and her co-presenter Maya Rudolph stole the show with their hilarious bit, which immediately prompted fans to call for the duo to host the whole thing next time.
“I heard they only pay $100k,” she told THR. “But we each need to get $300k, at least. That's $600k total. And if I do it by myself, I need $600k. If there’s one thing we can all learn from Haddish besides how to become a blowjob aficionado, it’s to always ask for more.

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