Citizens, It Is Time For A Maya Rudolph & Tiffany Haddish Movie

The Oscars telecast premiered a trailer for Roseanne, Mary Poppins, and the next big buddy comedy. Well, sort of. When Tiffany Haddish and Maya Rudolph took the stage Sunday evening at the Oscars, one thing became clear: The world is overdue for a Rudolph/Haddish buddy movie. Or buddy anything. More Oscars bits! More monologues! More tent-sized turtlenecks!
After their segment on the Oscars, people on Twitter were quick to call for a collab between the two comedians. And this seems like a distinct possibility. At the Critics Choice Awards in December, Paul Thomas Anderson, via a text message, informed Haddish that he'd like to work with her, stat. Later, Haddish confessed to Vulture that she'd been chatting with the legendary director about potentially making a movie together. There's more: Anderson then reiterated to the L.A. Times that he loved Haddish.
"Don’t just be fooled by how funny [Haddish] is. She just has a fierceness. I think I feel a connection to her because she’s such an L.A. kid as well. It feels like I’ve known her for a long time, which is weird," Anderson said. When the interviewer pointed out that Haddish pairs well with Rudolph, Anderson agreed.
"That’s a combustible combination, the two of them," he exclaimed. "Writing for them, I feel like you could turn on the faucet and that’ll come out. That would be a great team."
To boot, Haddish is already a declared awards show host; She'll host the MTV Movie and TV Awards in June. Next stop, Oscars host, solo or with Rudolph by her side.
During their Oscars performance, Rudolph and Haddish reassured the crowd that there would be more white people to come. There are plenty of white people backstage, they said, and not even white actors! There were white stage managers and assistants — Haddish and Rudolph then each launched into their impressions of overbearing white managers. They then complimented each other on their work peeing and pooping in comedies. (Haddish peed on the street in Girl's Trip; Rudolph pooped in the street in Bridesmaids.)
Watch the full segment, below.
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