Forget Emotional Workouts — This Queer Eye Game Will Give You An Actual Workout

Photo: Chelsea Lauren/Variety/REX/Shutterstock.
Watching the Netflix original series Queer Eye can often feel like a workout — or, at the very least, an emotional workout.
But now, one Twitter user has come up with a way to turn the range of emotional calisthenics a person might go through when watching the series into a real-life series of physical calisthenics, by creating a drinking game-style workout plan that anyone can do while watching the show.
The game suggests, among other things, doing 10 push-ups when somebody cries, 10 jumping jacks every time Jonathan calls someone a nickname, and 10 burpees whenever Antoni talks about food and/or you are attracted to him.
It is definitely for the best that it is not an actual drinking game. And, for what it’s worth, it also seems to be a very effective workout plan, though we would also suggest trying 10 leg lifts every time Antoni suggests using an avocado in a recipe, a 30-second plank every time Jonathan struts around like a high fashion runway model, and 15 bicycles every time Karamo’s skin looks so buttery and smooth that you feel compelled to book a facial immediately.
Of course, if you watch Queer Eye, you will know that real beauty is on the inside and you definitely don’t have to try any workout if you don’t want to. But Queer Eye’s own Karamo Brown has endorsed it, calling it the “best workout plan” in a tweet.
Basically? Merely watching the show — and going along with one Twitter user’s instructions — is one of the surest ways to work on your own personal fitness goals, whatever they might be, and gain peace with yourself and others in the process. Which, if you think about it, might just be what Queer Eye is all about.

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