Queer Eye's Tan France Turned Pete Davidson Into Timothée Chalamet

There are so many different ways we need Saturday Night Live and Queer Eye to crossover. The Netflix show is ripe for parody, and any of the Fab 5 would make incredible hosts, but this video with Pete Davidson and Tan France is a good start. The two took a trip to Saks Fifth Avenue in a video posted by SNL on YouTube, and while Davidson has certainly never been in yeti-hair-and-cargo-pants need of help, France saw room for improvement and leapt on it, and totally transformed the young comedian.
"It's so funny. I thought I was kind of dressing well, but it's so nice to know I've been dressing like shit," Davidson said as Tan walked him around the store.
"Somebody had to tell you!" Tan cried. But luckily, it just took a few quick changes to take Davidson from comedian to Oscar nominee. Without the holes in his boxers and the extra baggy sweatpants, Davidson put it best when he said "I feel like Timothée Chalamet."
This duo may seem out of the blue, but if you've been keeping a close eye on Instagram you'll have noticed that Davidson and the Fab 5 have built a pretty adorable friendship.
He and France, specifically, have had many back-and-forths on Instagram, and it's a friendship just unexpected enough that it's now the thing I care about most in the world. If this is how it starts, what could they do next? Could Davidson go full Tom Jackson and get a brand new life? Or perhaps be the official straight-guy mascot?
Mostly, I just hope this means we'll be getting more Queer Eye content on sketch comedy show. If they just keep going, then it's kind of like that perfect first season never has to end.
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