Fans Want Tarte's Fake Palette So Bad, It Already Has Dupes

Every year, April Fool's beauty jokes get better and better — but sometimes, they're a little too good. Such was the case with Tarte's Icy Betch collection, which the brand announced on April 1. Tarte fans flipped over the 12-pan palette, filled with shimmery and matte icy blue tones, and were disappointed to learn it was a fake. In the weeks following, they continued to rally for Icy Betch to become a real thing... and it appears Tarte might be listening. On May 24, the brand tweeted a few swatches of jade green and cool blue eyeshadows, teasing that "exciting & colorful things are in the works."

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But Hush Cosmetics may have already beaten Tarte to the punch. The brand just unveiled its Atlantis palette, which comes out June 12 — and the similarities to Icy Betch are uncanny. Though the brand didn't mention Tarte, its 418,000+ followers did. "Welp.. business is business lol. Ya snooze ya lose," @makeovermorgan wrote.

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We've reached out to both Tarte and Hush about their respective palettes, and will update this post once we hear back. In the meantime, we'll be enjoying all of the pigmented options that both brands are presenting. Because there are enough cool blues to go around for everyone.