Stop Saying Meghan Markle Wants Kids

Photo: Samir Hussein/Samir Hussein/WireImage
When Meghan Markle was first dating Prince Harry, all anyone could talk about was whether or not they'd get engaged. Once they were engaged, all media could think about was the wedding. And now that they've officially tied the knot, the world has moved on to babies. Can we please let the girl breathe???
While the newlywed royals are trying to enjoy their honeymoon, the whole world has started putting on the pressure for a royal baby (says baby Prince Louis, "Um, hi?"), trying to decipher old quotes and unearthing sources to find out when we should expect the next milestone.
"Having children is definitely a priority," a source told Us Weekly. "She and Harry want to start a family right away—and she’ll start trying as soon as she can."
"Doria is expecting to be a grandmother by this time next year," another said. "She’s very excited for Meghan to become a mother."
And, it's true that Markle has spoken about wanting to start a family, telling Lifestyle in 2016, "I also dream to have a family. It's all about balance, and I have so much happiness in my career and am fortunate to travel the world and see so many amazing things — it will also be nice to be anchored to something grounded and in the same place. Raising a family will be a wonderful part of that."
However, more recently Prince Harry told the BBC that while they were interested in having children some day, they want to take things "one step at a time."
"Hopefully we’ll start a family in the near future," he stressed. And I doubt that means immediately after they just finished another big, stressful life event. After all, Markle's main purpose isn't to be a girlfriend or wife or baby maker. She has her own plans for what she'd like to accomplish as a royal. If that includes a baby, it will be on her own terms.

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