This Single Can Of Rosé Holds Almost As Much As A Bottle

We're always looking for new ways to drink rosé, which is why we were pleasantly surprised to discover WineSociety. We've tried our fair share of canned wines, and at first glance WineSociety appears to be just that. It turns out, though, that these cans have something special going for them, and that's how much wine they hold.
The WineSociety wines are all blended in California. There are three different blends, but this time of year, we pretty much only have eyes for rosé. WineSociety's rosé is called "Chance" and is described as having "a beautiful duality of fruit balanced with a fresh crispness." The Chance rosé comes in a dusty pink can that is both environmentally-friendly and convenient. Environmental consciousness and convenience are two things we love about canned wine, but WineSociety's can volume is what sets it apart.
A standard bottle of wine holds 750 milliliters of liquid. Well, guess what. WineSociety's cans hold 500 milliliters of wine each. That means that 2/3 of a bottle of wine is in a single WineSociety can. One can of Chance holds about four standard glasses of rosé. In product's description, WineSociety even says, "Our 500 ML cans are the perfect amount for sharing or indulging."
Photo: Courtesy of WineSociety.
To get your hands on this new way of drinking lots rosé, you can order WineSociety online. The rosé is available through a subscription in which you receive a case of "Chance" every month, every other month, or every three months. There is also an option to do a one-time case purchase. Each case comes with 9 500-milliliter cans — equal to a total of 36 glasses — and costs $129. That comes out to $3.50 a glass. Several summers into the rosé trend, and we're still discovering new formats for millennial pink drink. What a blessing.

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