12 Memorial Day Fitness Sales To Take Advantage Of This Weekend

Many people assume that the best time to shop for fitness gear is in January, around when some people make New Year's resolutions. But during Memorial Day weekend, there are lots of sales on fitness clothing and outdoor gear, too.
Now might be the best time to splurge on bigger ticket workout items that you've been contemplating buying (like golf clubs, kayaks, or tents). Plus, if you buy them now, you'll be able to enjoy your purchases all summer long. Who knows? Maybe having some cool new workout gear will inspire you to take an outdoor yoga class or start running outside.
From leggings to sneakers, gym memberships to sports bras, ahead is the fitness stuff on sale that you're going to want to buy. Most of these sales end on Monday, but keep checking back this week, because we will update this story with more sales as they're announced.
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