Prince Harry Was The Most Relatable Royal Ever During The Wedding

Jonathan Brady - WPA Pool/Getty Images.
Ah, the royal family — they’re just like us!
Well, technically, this isn’t exactly true. Very few people, after all, get to attain a new, fancy title simply by getting married, wear a custom-made wedding dress from a top designer at Givenchy, and have their wedding televised — and enthusiastically watched — by hundreds of thousands of people internationally.
But Prince Harry and Meghan Markle do have a way of appearing warmer and more human, somehow, than some of their royal cohorts — and this didn’t stop on their wedding day, when the couple made sure to share in a few extra-relatable, extra-human moments.
The most relatable of all? When, just a few moments before exchanging vows, Harry declared (or, at least, appeared to declare) to his soon-to-be bride, “I’m shitting it.” On live TV — which, again, is being viewed by many, many people. And, to be fair, it’s hard to think of anyone who wouldn’t be.
Thankfully, Harry managed to make it through his vows shit-free. In fact, he even made the time to whisper some sweet nothings into Meghan’s ear before making their marriage official. According to Cosmopolitan, Harry also said to Meghan, “Are you okay? You look amazing,” (which is true, she did), after Prince Charles (who stepped in to replace Meghan’s father at the last minute) finished walking her down the aisle. To this, Meghan replied, “Thank you.”
After exchanging vows, as Harry and Meghan left Windsor Castle in a horse-drawn carriage, some people pointed out that he appeared to be telling Meghan, “I’m ready for a drink now.”
Which, again — who can’t relate?
Anyway, don’t mind me. I am just fine, everything is great, and I am definitely not furiously writing several hot 500-page fan fiction takes of a few four-second video clips. Now leave me alone.

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