A Christmas Prince Is Getting A Sequel Because We Deserve Two Royal Weddings

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
If you thought that Netflix's A Christmas Prince had burned through its very limited story in its 90-minute runtime, well, you're absolutely right. However, that's no reason for nonsensical romantic comedy not to spawn a sequel — especially when it so perfectly fits in with real world events.
According to a new promo released by Netflix on Friday, the titular "Christmas Prince" is officially getting married, and getting ready for a Royal Wedding of his very own. The dress code will include fancy Converse kicks, because what else would quirky journalists wear to their own nuptials?
Netflix is very much in on the joke. In the new promo, we see Amber Moore (Rose McIver) obsessively making a list for her own wedding, just as she inexplicably and hilariously did when she was "investigating" her royal paramour. In the background, her soon-to-be royal in-laws watch the wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, because I guess no one bothered to invite the Aldovian royals to this bash.
"Must NOT become a meme," writes Amber on her pre-wedding list. Too late, girl.
For the uninitiated, A Christmas Prince is every single holiday rom-com cliche, wrapped into one TV-budget package. Amber is a journalist who must investigate Prince Richard (Ben Lamb), the successor to his late father's throne. Unfortunately, Richard has a reputation for being a partying playboy... which, uh, turns out to be 0% true. He's just a nice guy! The tabloids got it all wrong! Why wouldn't Amber fall for him? (There's also some shoehorned plot point about Richard being adopted and therefore not the real successor of the throne, but... it's honestly so not important.)
For the record, A Christmas Prince was the best thing that happened in December of 2017.
If you were wondering how A Christmas Prince could get away with releasing a sequel in the summer, well, it can't. Despite this promo suggesting that the "other royal wedding" (the one fans are "actually invited to") is coming soon, the film won't drop until the holiday season. That's more than okay, as I need ample time to re-watch the OG Christmas Prince... and maybe even A Christmas Inheritance, too.
Check out the promo below:

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