The Wine You Should Drink With The Second Episode Of Sweetbitter

Photo: Courtesy of Starz.
This Sunday, the second episode of Starz's new drama Sweetbitter airs. That means, it's time to start thinking about what wine we'll be sipping on during our viewings.
According to the preview for episode 2 "Now Your Tongue Is Coded," after some time trying to figure out the social circle at the restaurant and work her way in, Tess is finally invited out to a bar with her coworkers after the dinner shift ends. At the bar, there is much drinking, but there are also some seriously sexy glances between Tess and bad boy waiter Jake, who proves to be even more wild than our innocent, young protagonist initially thought.
Take a look:
For watching Tess's long night out, which will surely become one of many as we progress through season 1 of Sweetbitter, certified wine educator and founder of Wine Savvy NYC Sayle Milne suggests we open a bottle of Dr. Loosen "Dr. L" Riesling. You may think of Riesling as an ultra-sweet wine, however Milne points out that its flavors can vary. "Anyone who works in the wine business has a love affair with Riesling. Why? Because it is the little black dress of grapes (it's all about how it is accessorized by the wine maker). Rieslings run the gamut: they can be bone dry with wonderful minerality, all the way to cloyingly sweet," Milne tells Refinery29.
Rieslings pairs well with this particular episode of Sweetbitter because it's a great option for long nights of drinking. "Rieslings can often be lower in alcohol. Riesling is also one of the most food friendly wines that exists. Depending on its sugar levels, they are a great match for spicy foods (or spicy evenings out in the city)." Milne explains. Sounds like Dr. L Riesling will compliment Tess's first foray into city nightlight quite well.

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