The Wine You Should Drink With The Fifth Episode Of Sweetbitter

Photo: Courtesy of Starz.
On Sunday, the fifth episode of Starz’s new drama Sweetbitter will air. With just about 48 hours between now and then, it’s time to decide what bottle of wine we should drink while watching the first season’s penultimate episode.
Based on the preview for episode 5 "Weird Night," things are going to be tough for Tess and her restaurant cohorts this week. The clip starts with our heroine proclaiming "It's not fair." To which Sasha responds, "Nothing is fair. You'll get used to it." That exchange seems to set the tone for the entire episode. The rest of the preview shows Tess and the others being faced with one frustration and annoyance after another at work and then taking the edge of the "weird night" with drugs.
Take a look:
For watching Tess tackle her toughest backwaiting shift yet, certified wine educator and founder of Wine Savvy NYC Sayle Milne suggests we twist open a bottle of Remy Pannier Rosé d'Anjou. "After the day and night she has had, Tess does not need any more drama or surprises. She needs something consistently delicious and easy on the eyes. Enter rosé. It is happiness in a glass, and it is a sure thing" Milne explains.
A glass of rosé is usually the perfect antidote for a bad day at work, but Milne's pairing for episode 5 is especially well-suited for the pick-me-up job. "Even though most rosés are bone dry, I think Tess could use a little sweetness to get her through this bitter night. My rosé pairing comes from the beautiful region called Anjou, which sits in the Loire region of France. It is pretty in pink meets something sweet. And, it is what is called 'off dry' in the wine world, meaning it is not dry, but just a little 'off' — kind of like Tess's entire life outlook at the moment." Milne says.
It sounds like Remy Pannier Rosé d'Anjou is a bottle we should keep well-stocked even after "Weird Night" airs this Sunday. According to the Wine Savvy NYC founder, "This wine is candies, strawberries, and citrus, and the finish makes your palate smile. Tess should be drinking this wine. You should be drinking this wine." We'll have a bottle chilling to help us recover the next time we have a bad day at work.

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