These Powders Combine Our Favorite Things: K-Beauty & The Zodiac

It's no secret that American millennials love beauty traditions from other, faraway cultures (just look at the recent rise of Japanese beauty here), but perhaps even more, they love horoscopes. If you're in a room full of twenty-somethings and no one asks your sign, well, your friends are probably all practical Virgos.
Now, K-beauty brand Innisfree, which played a large role in introducing us to double-cleansing and serum-infused CC cream, has taken advantage of those two things and launched a new iteration of its loose setting powder: the Birthstone Matte Mineral Powder Collection.
The translucent formula is the same as the original — perfect for setting makeup or controlling shine on a bare face; it's the birthstone packaging that's going to make it an Instagram success story. (Oh, that's the other thing — us millennials love personalization.)
The Birthstone collection is available now on the brand's site, but if you're hoping to pick one up for your BFF's birthday or collect all 12, we suggest acting fast — these are limited-edition. Click through the slides ahead to shop your stone.