Kanye's Next Controversial Move? Putting The Doctor Who Operated On His Mom On His Album

As we sit back and watch Kanye West, Yeezus himself, go on a confusing Twitter rampage, it leaves me wondering, what exactly does it mean to lead with love?
In a recent tweet, Kanye has a challenge for everyone out there: send love to their haters.
That brings us to probably his most controversial tweet (at least today): he revealed that he will make a photo of the doctor who operated on his mother before she died the cover of his next album. And it may be called Love Everyone.
The death of his mother, Donda West, back in 2007 has often been referenced as the reason for Kanye’s seemingly erratic behavior. The man Kanye claims he is going to use as his album cover is possibly the person he hates most.
Is this what he means by leading with love? If so, his behavior might make more sense. For anyone who has ever gone through any sort of healing process, especially the death of a close family member, it is a rough journey.
Kanye seems to be doing some much-needed healing, which is amazing and should be encouraged. But it does seem a bit odd to use the mugshot of the man who killed your mother. We’ll have to wait and see whether or not he actually goes through with using the image.
Many musicians use their music as a way to process what they are feeling and maybe, if it wasn’t for Kanye showing support for President Donald Trump, his fan base might be a little more sympathetic to what he’s going through.
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