Kim Kardashian West Misses This Discontinued Snack As Much As You Do

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Dunk-a-roos, a snack deeply beloved by many a 90s kid, were discontinued in 2012. The treat continues to be available in Canada, but there is still a major fanbase in the U.S. Even Kim Kardashian West, who would probably have no trouble getting them shipped internationally, wants Dunk-a-roos to make a stateside comeback. Though she could probably fly, via private jet, across the border any time she wanted to get her hands on a few boxes, she has instead chosen to put her time toward a permanent solution to America's Dunk-a-roo deficit. Last night, Kim Kardashian West proclaimed via Twitter that she wants a Dunk-a-roos comeback.
The reality star was prompted to beg for Dunk-a-roos' return when another Twitter user named @_LukeKellly claimed to have messaged with Betty Crocker's official account. Betty Crocker is the company that blessed us with those absolutely perfect icing-cookie combo packs way back in 1990, so that's who this user supposedly turned to in order to try to get the snack back. According to a screenshot of the conversation between the user and the company, @_LukeKellly asked @BettyCrocker "How many retweets to bring back dunkaroos [sic]?" and Betty Crocker responded, "150,00."
Ever committed to the cause, @_LukeKellly shared the message screenshot along with several enticing photos of Dunk-a-roos. Accompanying the pictures, the user wrote, "Let’s make this happen." A few days after this tweet was posted, Kim Kardashian West found it, retweeted it, and wrote "Obsessed with Dunkaroos [sic]. Please come back!" If ever you want to garner retweets, having someone with 59.8 million followers share is definitely one way to get the job done.
Whether it was thanks to Kim Kardashian's retweet or simply because pretty much everybody has a special place in their hearts for Dunk-a-roos, @_LukeKellly's initial tweet has so far been retweeted 204,644 times. That is of course more than the number Betty Crocker supposedly requested to make every 9os kids' dream come true. Unfortunately, though, a spokesperson for General Mills, Betty Crocker's parent company, told Refinery29 Dun-a-roos aren't coming back anytime soon.
"We love hearing from fans of Dunkaroos. Please continue to share your thoughts with us. But we need to let you know we never set a number of retweets for a return of Dunkaroos, as you may have seen in a fake direct message screenshot. At this time, we don’t have anything to announce," the spokesperson told us. Looks like, for now, Kim Kardashian West's (and our) Dunk-a-room wish won't be coming true.
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