A Visual History Of Melania Trump Avoiding Touching Her Husband

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On Thursday, April 26, first lady Melania Trump turned 48. In an unhinged-even-for-him appearance on Fox & Friends on Thursday morning, President Donald Trump said that he's been too busy to get her a birthday gift.
"Well, I better not get into that 'cause I may get in trouble. Maybe I didn't get her so much," he said in the phone interview. He then added that he got her "a beautiful card and some beautiful flowers," but said: "You know, I'm very busy to be running out looking for presents, okay?"
Like most wealthy people (not to mention presidents), Trump of course has access to staff who can take care of choosing, buying, and delivering gifts for him. But gifts aside, the first couple's relationship does seem a little...strained. In Michael Wolff's tell-all book Fire and Fury, he reported that the Trumps sleep in separate bedrooms. Then there are the claims of Donald being "chronically unfaithful," backed up by his allegedly sleeping with Stormy Daniels while Melania was pregnant.
Their public body language is perhaps the biggest giveaway. On multiple documented occasions, Melania has pulled away from her husband, swatted away his hand, or appeared uncomfortably tense in his presence. We can only speculate on their inner worlds, but since they're the most public of public figures, we will.
When asked whether the Trumps seem like a couple in love, body language expert Patti Wood, author of Snap: Making the Most of First Impressions, Body Language, and Charisma, told Refinery29, "I think the fact that he's often pictured without a smile when he's with her, or walking ahead of her, and she's so tense — that's not what we typically think of when we think of a happy, relaxed, at-ease-with-each-other couple freely giving back and forth affection."
Wood noted that Melania's body language suggests she's not comfortable in public with her husband of 13 years, not uncomfortable being in the public eye in general. During the rare times we catch a glimpse of her without him, she seems more relaxed — like when she was laughing with former President Barack Obama at Barbara Bush's funeral recently.
Ahead, Wood gives us some surprising insights into Donald and Melania's most famous awkward moments.

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