3 Jaw-Dropping Claims About Ivanka From The New Donald Trump Book

If we are to believe Michael Wolff's breathlessly discussed new book Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, all the White House staff were fighting for survival, Hunger Games-style, during Donald Trump's chaotic first year in office. But while the ever-rotating cast of senior advisors was trying to appease Trump's whims, more was brewing behind the scenes: An excerpt suggests that Ivanka Trump, a key White House staffer, has been building up to presidential aspirations of her own.
Some have warned readers to take Fire and Fury, which is set to be released in full on January 9, with a grain of salt, considering there have been questions about Wolff's credibility, including from beat reporters covering the administration. Still, you can't deny the allure of reading an account of this largely inexperienced White House through the eyes of a journalist who basically parked himself on a couch in the West Wing because no one thought to kick him out.
It's scintillating, often scary, stuff, and many of the more sordid bits were already covered in a lengthy excerpt in New York mag as well as articles in The Guardian and The Hollywood Reporter. Trump has demanded that the publisher halt the book's release, threatening a lawsuit. Ahead, we've compiled some of the most unbelievable quotes, including ones that may shed light on a completely different Ivanka.

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