This Is The Best Theory About The Royal Baby's Mystery Name

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The third child of Prince William Windsor and Kate Middleton was born on April 23 at 11:01 a.m., weighing 8 lbs 7 oz, making him the heaviest royal newborn in over 100 years (quite the honor). In addition to holding the record for biggest boy, he is also making a record for longest time as an unnamed royal. We've seen his face, his little toes, and his precious bonnet — but alas, no name!
With three days down, this is the longest that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have made the public wait before announcing the chosen name of their child, but we may finally have an answer. According to PEOPLE, the baby's name is Albert.
PEOPLE's story comes from a theory over at The Daily Mail based on the royal family's website, which proves that it's hard to keep secrets on the internet, even if you're royalty.
After visiting the royal family's website and noticing that both Prince George and Princess Charlotte's pages were down for maintenance, as if they were being updated, The Daily Mail decided to start plugging in names to see if new pages were being added to the family website. The Daily Mail plugged in the same URL as the other two young royals, but instead subbed in "Prince Albert" to see if the name brought up it's own page (more on why they chose Albert below). And it did! They then compared it to other names, noticing that Prince Albert's brought up an "Access Denied" message, while, Prince Arthur brought up a "Page Does Not Exist" message.
So, why Albert? It has a lot of history within the royal family — nearly every generation has had an Albert in the mix ever since Queen Victoria married Prince Albert in 1840. And it's currently the most popular guess at the bookies (where people are betting on the times). On April 25, Huffington Post reported that, according to standings on Ladbrokes, Arthur is the top guess (5-1 odds). Next up it was James (8-1), Albert (10-1), and then Frederick and Philip tying at (16-1). So congrats to the lucky blokes who bet is all on Albert.
Now all we have to do is wait for word on what Middleton's sister, Pippa, will name her little one.

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