The Royal Baby's Birth Chart, Explained

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At 11:01 a.m. this morning in London, England, Kate Middleton gave birth to her third child with Prince William. Nothing is known of the child's name just yet, but, luckily, we have all the info we need to draw up the tyke's birth chart — and thus get a better idea of what's in the stars for the fifth in line to the throne.
For one thing, he shares his sun sign, Taurus, with big sister Princess Charlotte, whose birthday is a little more than a week away on May 2. These Taurean siblings might be in for their share of sibling-style tiffs. Taurus is a notoriously stubborn sign — in fact the only reason the otherwise peaceful Bull will lash out is if they feel like their comfort zone is being invaded or violated. In other words, it won't be pretty if these two start stealing each other's toys.
Luckily, Princess Charlotte and the new baby will have plenty of positive traits in common, too. They have the same ruling element as their mother and are probably happy to follow household rules (earth signs usually thrive with a sense of structure). Most importantly, they'll likely share a healthily cautious outlook on life, consisting in equal parts of optimism and skepticism around anything that deviates from their idea of familiar.
Beyond the new prince's sun sign, his rising sign will be the same as his father's sun sign, Cancer. Without getting too deep in the astrological weeds, this commonality suggests a unique bond between Prince William and his third child. Where someone's rising sign defines the first impression they give and the sort of "mask" they wear in public, their sun sign suggests their core personality. So, Prince William may have an easier time reading his second son's face and understanding what he's hoping to express, even when he isn't speaking.
Of course, that doesn't mean Prince William will love him more than Prince George and Princess Charlotte or anything like that. But, there's a chance that he'll have more in common, in terms of general interests, likes, and dislikes, with royal baby number three.
Whatever lies in store for the royals, this little prince has enough sturdy earth placements and astrological similarities in his chart to make him a comforting, loving presence in his family. (Even if he does end up stealing some of Charlotte's toys.)

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