Your Sister’s Sign, Explained

Illustrated by Paola Delucca.
There's no one you just get like your sister. As kids, you knew exactly how to get on her nerves — actually, that is still the case now that you're adults, even if the ways you annoy her have changed. You and your sis might talk every couple months or every couple minutes, but the bond you have is like nothing else. One might even say it was written in the stars.
Okay, even if you wouldn't put it that way, the celestial bodies certainly play a role in who your sister is — and why the two of you have such a particular relationship. For example, growing up with a Leo for a sister is a very different experience from having a Pisces sister, that's for sure.
In honor of National Sisters Day this Sunday, we're taking a closer look at how each sign of the Zodiac behaves as a sister. Whether she's older than you, younger than you, or she's actually just your BFF you've always thought of as a sister, learning a little something about her astrological identity just might bring you two even closer. Read on to discover what makes your sister's sign tick.

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