4 Stereotypes About Tauruses That Just Aren't True

Photographed by Alexandra Gavillet.
Feeling a little more relaxed these days, stargazers? Sure, the rising temperatures might have something to do with it, but we'd bet you have the onset of Taurus season to thank, too. This Earth sign's influence is known for chilling us out and refocusing our attention on what really matters. But, not everything that leaps to mind when we think of the Bull of Zodiac is positive.
As is the case with all signs of the Zodiac, there are some misconceptions out there about Tauruses: They're materialistic; they're lazy. The list of unflattering (and, let's be real, untrue) traits goes on. That's why we've set out to bust those myths into oblivion — beyond the stars, if you will (sorry).
Ahead, we're taking a closer look at four common assumptions people make about Tauruses — and proving why they aren't 100% true.

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