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Find a Best Friend Who Talks About You the Way Allana Harkin Talks About Sam Bee

The two comedians work on "Full Frontal With Samantha Bee" but still find time for their "friendship walks."

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What’s it like to work with your BFF on a weekly comedy show during the Donald Trump presidency where the news changes every hour? Allana Harkin knows. She’s living it. “When I do friendship, I do it super hard.” The Canadian comedian, producer, and director is a correspondent for Full Frontal with Samantha Bee. Sam Bee is her best friend and when Bee found out she’d have her own late night show, she hired Harkin immediately.
Harkin and Bee met in the all-female comedy troupe, the Atomic Fireballs. Then they went on to collaborate on a parenting blog called "Eating Over the Sink" for I spoke with Harkin in The Ladies Room where she opened up about working with Bee.
“We always read each other’s material, and when Full Frontal happened and [Sam] got the call from TBS saying "Hey, do you want to host your own late night show?" She was very excited about it and I got a phone call that was like, ‘You know you’re moving to New York, right?”
Now that they’ve spent three years together how do they keep their friendship alive? “I will text her and say ‘can you come by? I want you to see something.’ Then we’ll have to build in another twenty minutes to go ‘so how are you doing, what’s going on?’ so we feel like we’re honoring our friendship. But when we first started working together we used to do these friendship walks. We used to be like, let’s walk around the block.”
But she’s not above giving Bee the hard feedback. “Sam makes a giant chili on Sundays — I’m not even joking. She makes it every Sunday and she eats it Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. She brings her own lunch but the same lunch every day. So around like one o’clock the entire office smells like this chili that we’ve been smelling for two years. I probably shouldn’t bring it up but if you’re watching this, Sam, it’s time to switch it up.”
Check out the full episode of The Ladies Room here and make sure you check out Full Frontal’s latest special, The Great American Puerto Rico. In it, Bee, Harkin, and the team travel to Puerto Rico to see how fellow Americans are doing post-Hurricane Maria and to remind the government that Puerto Ricans ARE STILL Americans. Harkin reports on the feminist collective Taller Salud on how they’re mobilizing after the longest blackout in American history. If you watch one special on Puerto Rico make it this one!
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