Did Camila Cabello Steal Becca From The Bachelorette's Catchphrase?

Photo: Theo Wargo/Getty Images.
“Let’s do the damn thing!” So spoke Becca Kufrin, the gem of a woman who was savagely dumped by public enemy #1, Arie Luyendyk Jr., on the last season of The Bachelor. To say that Kufrin was done wrong is a serious understatement. But her bubbly Aries personality captured the heart of America, and she’s now going to be our new Bachelorette. And her catchphrase, “Let’s do the damn thing,” will now forever be a part of her brand.
As it turns out, Camila Cabello is also staking out a claim to the humble phrase. The “Havana” singer is currently headlining her first world tour, and Vogue caught up with her during her Portland show. We see Cabello waking up to the caustic alarm on her phone, getting her makeup done, and eating tuna sandwiches with her mother. Right before she goes on stage, she squads up with her band, and they pump each other up with a rousing chant of, yes, “Let’s do the damn thing!” They each put their own spin on it, of course, but we are definitely noticing a catchphrase similarity. What does it mean?
We’re not going to bust out the eyeball emojis, but there may be some catchphrase thievery afoot. Is Cabello a member of #BachelorNation? Or has she been chanting “LDTDT” with her band for years? Did Kufrin don the Invisibility Cloak to lurk Cabello’s backstage prep routine, and decide to steal with catchphrase for herself, Bring It On-style? We know this may sound unrealistic, but it might also be a total coincidence. Frankly, the chances of that are as likely as chemtrails not being real. As Kris Jenner once intoned, this is a case for the FBI.
Still, the world is a very large place, and there is room on our little rocky planet for two people to share the same catchphrase. Cabello and Kufrin each have refreshing personalities, and are vibrant rays of light in our pop culture. If “LDTDT” reminds us of both of them, we’ll take any excuse to have them pop up in our brains.
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