Here's The Unicorn Mug With Over 88,000 Facebook Likes

We live in a world where unicorns have breached every crevice of the culinary world. There are unicorn pancakes, unicorn lattes, unicorn Pop-Tarts, and rainbow colored dollops of meringue referred to as “unicorn poops.” If you thought this pastel trend would end with edibles, think again, because how are you going to drink unicorn hot chocolate without a matching unicorn mug? That’s exactly what the New York-based potter behind Modern Mud must have thought while making this handmade “Lilac Unicorn Mug,” which has already racked up over 88,000 likes on Facebook.
The artisan mug, which goes for a whopping $135 on the artist’s Etsy page, is made of stoneware and brushes of light purple glaze, with accents in 22k gold paint. Despite the mug’s popularity, not everyone is buying into the price. Facebook comments on the cup range from “GASP!!!!” and “I NEED THIS!” to “135 dollars?!! Is it made of unicorn tears?” It is not, but the gold lacquered handle and hand-shaped horn may be magic enough for some. On its official Facebook account, Etsy posted a photo of the mug, writing: “It's completely acceptable to be obsessed with a coffee mug. Trust us.”
There are many more affordable drinking vessels to obsess over, however. If you type the words “unicorn mug” into Etsy’s search bar, thousands of results pop up, most hovering around the $10 and $20 price point. But even we have to admit that Modern Mud’s cups are especially beautiful, particularly the version with gold paint dripping down its sides, or the unicorn mug’s tiny cousin: the unicorn tea cup. Even if you’re not into eating fondant horns or toast smeared with cream cheese and food coloring, drinking out of a unicorn mug might just add a bit of magic to your morning coffee.
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