These Cold Brew Subscriptions Could Save You Major $$$ On Coffee

Photographed by Nicole Maroon.
We each have our own set of vices in life. You know, like Carrie Bradshaw's legendarily expensive shoe habit. Or, our seasonal budget-busting obsession with cold brew. Warm weather inversely correlates to our finances, where iced coffee is concerned: As temperatures rise, our cash funds decline on cup after cup of the stuff. We've tried hacking our orders and making the morning fuel at home in attempts to stop these splurging sprees, but nothing tops an OG craft concentrate. Which is exactly why we're counting on the discovery of cold brew subscriptions to help us save this summer.
Like meal subscriptions, cold brew subscriptions deliver a range of weekly to monthly home shipments containing pre-made and ready-to-drink bottles, cans, on-tap boxes, or fully stocked DIY brewing kits. We've discovered six companies offering this on-demand coffee service — and in addition to convenience and brew variety, each option offers a persuasive price tag when compared to our usual daily totals. Cold brew from the trendier shop around the corner can cost up to $5 a cup and even a tall order from Starbucks runs around $3.25 — so with some of these services breaking down to under $2 a cup, the savings are real. Scroll on to find out which of these door-to-door coffee delivery services may actually end up saving you money on the hot mornings ahead (i.e. depending on the level of your cold brew consumption).

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